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39 Cats Rescued from Horrific Hoarding Case

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39 Cats Rescued from Horrific Hoarding Case:

UPDATE 10/15/19: We are happy to share that 9 of these cats have been adopted into loving homes! The 11 cats still waiting to be adopted are getting more comfortable with people each and every day. Cats like Hans and Kodiak, who were once very shy, now run to greet caregivers and volunteers for daily pets. Cupid, who used to hiss and swat, now meows to ask for company and pets. We are so proud of how far they’ve come! Our caregivers continue to provide them with extra love and fun enrichment toys to help them open up even more. Learn more about these cats and our adoption and foster process here.

UPDATE 5/15/19: We are devastated to report that we had to say goodbye to Blitzen, one of the survivors from this rescue. Since his arrival in Ruth’s Healing Barn, he has been struggling with a severe upper respiratory infection from the horrific living conditions he was rescued from. After several rounds of antibiotics of six different kinds and antiviral medications with no improvements, our veterinary care team made the difficult decision that the kindest thing to do was let him go. It’s likely that due to his other underlining health conditions, including FIV+ and kidney failure, that his immune system was just not strong enough to overcome his infection. He passed peacefully surrounded by people who loved him. Blitzen is the fifth cat who has passed since being rescued from this hoarding case due to severe health issues.

Our team is still working on chronic health issues and socializing some of the cats from this rescue. There are 13 cats from this rescue at Pasado’s Safe Haven still looking for their forever homes – learn more and fill out an adoption or foster questionnaire today.

UPDATE 1/24/19: Many of these cats have been well enough for spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations. Others will need more time to heal. Please help us find amazing homes for these survivors by spreading the word, or fill out an adoption or foster questionnaire today.

On November 26, 2018, Pasado’s Safe Haven responded to an extremely disturbing cat hoarding case in Naches, Wash., in which numerous cats were left to die in a residential home. Sadly, two cats were already deceased when we arrived, and four passed away soon after, but we were able to rescue 35 lives that are currently at our sanctuary receiving much needed medical care.

Unfortunately, most of these cats are suffering from serious health issues which include tumors, mouth lesions, upper respiratory infections and infected eyes. We are also estimating a total of 35 spay/neuter surgeries will be needed.

These cats have a long road ahead of them, but Pasado’s Safe Haven is committed to their full recovery and giving them the medical care and attention they need. The cats are doing surprisingly well considering the horrific conditions they were rescued from. Even the most ill are purring during exams and welcoming a loving scratch from our caregivers.

While we are still evaluating the extent of their condition, we estimate the cost of medical care alone will quickly hit over $15,000. Please help give them a fighting chance and support the medical care needed to get them through this.

Your support of our Investigations & Rescue Fund will help save these lives, and support all our work to end animal cruelty.


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