School Program

School Program

Pasado’s Safe Haven’s C.A.R.E. (Compassion for Animals, Respect for Everyone) Program can reach youth inside the classroom, at our sanctuary, or through mentoring students working on special projects. Whatever the venue, our interactive format actively engages students with the concepts of compassion and empathy while practicing critical thinking on real-world issues.

Presentations and experiences will engage students with topics surrounding empathy, compassion, and consumerism and how we can impact the lives of animals, humans and the environment through our choices. The students who visit our 85-acre sanctuary will receive a guided tour where they will have the opportunity to meet some of our charming animal residents and learn about their rescue stories in addition to an engaging lesson plan.

Whether in the classroom or exploring our sanctuary, C.A.R.E. strives to bring individual animal stories to life in a way that focuses on kindness and makes a large, real-world issue feel more tangible and intimate.


Why Humane Education

Humane education helps to foster kindness for all living beings – human and animal. This approach gives students space to exercise critical thinking and contemplation while realizing that they can have an impact. Incorporating this kind of education is quickly becoming a critical component of comprehensive learning – preparing youth to be compassionate leaders in a changing world.

If you would like more information about how your classroom could benefit from Pasado’s C.A.R.E. Programor to reserve space for your classroom today, please fill out this form or contact our Outreach Manager.



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“Thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing what Pasado’s does for animals! This program is such a great world connection for our students, especially to learn that there really are ways that kids can help animals.” – Glenwood Elementary School Teacher

“Our students have a passion for animals and animal welfare. Pasado’s Safe Haven tapped into that energy and really inspired our students with powerful stories and concrete information about how we can make a difference for animals. And when we make a difference for animals, we make a difference for all of us. Great presentation!” – J.S. Marysville Pilchuck High School teacher

“Our students loved being able to see the difference Pasado’s Safe Haven can make. They found it heartbreaking to learn about some of the cruelty animals face but truly appreciated the beautiful home Pasado’s Safe Haven is able to provide. This gave them a better understanding of how they can help protect animals and become involved if they witness abuse. It helps students develop compassion for all living things.” – C. Salisbury, 4th Grade Teacher at St. Catherine School Seattle


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