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Education Programs

Education Programs

Pasado’s Safe Haven has a mighty mission of ending animal cruelty. But, we can’t do it alone! That is
why we offer educational opportunities for youth and college groups to get connected to animals, our sanctuary, and how we can all make a difference.

Our educational programming can reach students both at the sanctuary or inside the classroom and be incorporated into a variety of curriculums and lessons. Presentations and experiences will engage participants with topics surrounding empathy, compassion, and consumerism and how we can impact the lives of animals, humans, and the environment through our choices. Whatever the venue, our interactive format actively engages everyone with the concepts of compassion and empathy while practicing critical thinking on real-world issues.

Who Have We Worked With?
Local Public Schools, Homeschool Co-ops, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, YMCA, Boy and Girls Club, University of Washington, Seattle U, 4H, local preschools, Montessori, youth groups, and many more…

Why Humane Education
Humane education helps to foster kindness for all living beings – human and animal. This approach gives students space to exercise critical thinking and contemplation while realizing that they can have an impact. Incorporating this kind of education is quickly becoming a critical component of comprehensive learning – preparing youth to be compassionate leaders in a changing world.

If you would like to incorporate Pasado’s Education Programming into your school, college, group,
troop, team, or club learnings, contact our Outreach Manager today!

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