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Dog and Puppy Adoption

Dog and Puppy Adoption

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescues dogs and puppies from a variety of cases and rehabilitates them at our sanctuary, just northeast of Seattle, while we search for a home.

To complete a dog adoption or puppy adoption is to to welcome a companion, a family member, a life-long friend. With each dog who is adopted into a loving family, Pasado’s Safe Haven is able to rescue another. If you aren’t able to adopt, consider fostering a dog! You can help with dog and puppy adoption by providing a safe space and acting as the animal’s advocate.

View the animal profiles below and see if your next family member is waiting for you! When you are ready to take the next step, click the “Adopt” or “Foster” buttons to be directed to a questionnaire.

There is a $150 adoption fee for all dogs to help cover the cost of their spay/neuter, vaccinations, and microchipping.


The Smartest Dog You Will Ever Meet

AGE: Adult      SEX: Female

Aurora is a one-of-a-kind dog with a beautiful smile. She is athletic, agile and would be happy to play fetch and run in a big backyard. Aurora is 6 years old but still has the get-up-and-go of a 2-year-old.

At Pasado’s Safe Haven, Aurora showers her favorite caregivers with kisses, hugs and excited tail wags. She is learning to feel calm and relaxed in her environment and really enjoys having an opportunity to exercise her mind with tricks and puzzles. Aurora enjoys lounging in the sun, exploring all the trails around the sanctuary and joyfully rolling around in the grass.

If you would like to be Aurora’s new family, fill out an adoption or foster questionnaire today!

Fergie – Adoption Pending

AGE: Adult      SEX: Female

This sweet girl loves playtime with her doggy friends and humans, too. She has some difficulties with her back legs but that doesn’t slow her down! She’s a resilient girl with plenty of love to give to her forever family. If that might be you, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!

You can learn more about Fergie’s rescue story here.


AGE: Adult      SEX: Female

Izzy is a sweet little blonde lady who will quickly become your new best friend. She is very friendly with humans and loves to be pet, even by perfect strangers! She can be shy with other dogs and would do well in a home that can give her plenty of love.

You can learn more about Izzy’s rescue story here.


A Velvet Hippo With Nothing But Love

AGE: Young Adult      SEX: Male

Marty is a happy, healthy boy at 63lbs with his only hardship being that he simply loves people TOO much. Marty suffered from separation anxiety in his past home because all he wants is to be with people – but he is a confused little boy who needs confidence building and training catered to his specific needs (something we are preemptively working on at the sanctuary).

One of Marty’s Caregivers said, “The first time I took Marty outside, I laid out in the grass, trying to get him to enjoy the outdoors but all he wanted to do was lay on top of me. He would come up and stretch his whole body up mine and rest his chin on my chin. I think Marty needs to be with someone who understands that they are his WHOLE WORLD. When he loves, he loves hard and sometimes it’s difficult for him.” But we all agree, that’s also one of the best things about Marty.

May – In Foster Care

The Most Independent Dog You Will Ever Meet

AGE: Senior       SEX: Female

This independent, wild-at-heart dog needs an independent, wild-at-heart human. Everyone has heard of “emotional support dogs” but what May really needs is an “emotional support human.” She is an adorable misfit who ran wild on the streets of Hawaii before being rescued by Pasado’s Safe Haven. Now she can be slow to trust but she’ll sit for a leash, loves taking walks, approaches for the best treats, and jumps right in the car for rides. It will take time and patience, but if you get where she’s coming from and give her time, May could be your trusted friend.

Sadie – Adoption Pending

AGE: Adult      SEX: Female

Sadie is very sweet with people, loving this new world of lap time and pets. She can’t wait to find a family that will continue showering her with affection. If you’re ready to show Sadie all the love she could ever need, complete an adoption questionnaire today!


The Longest Dog-Towne Resident

AGE: Senior      SEX: Male

Imagine this…. You spend day after day chained outside a drug house. Unable to move. Unable to protect yourself or fend for yourself. Your only access to food or water is the scraps a neighbor throws you.

Then one day someone unlocks the chain and you’re free – or so you thought. It was supposed to be a fun outing… then BOOM there’s a chemical explosion beside you. Now you’re locked back on your chain and you’re without yet another necessary resource – your eyesight.

One day rescuers come. They say they’re here to help, but why should you trust them? You don’t know them. You can’t even see them. They trap you in a car and take you to a new place. It’s scary but eventually you adjust. You learn to really love it there but you’re told they’ll find you a real home. Instead you sit there for three years…. waiting… and no one ever comes.

Doesn’t everyone deserve a home? You did nothing wrong – the humans did. And now you may never know the joy of a true home all because you take a little longer to trust people. And there’s nothing you can do – except keep waiting.

Don’t make Tee wait any longer. Complete a questionnaire to foster or adopt this sweet, silly, and loving boy today.

*He needs a home without children or other animals.

Victims of Cruelty

You Can Help!

AGE: Various      SEX: Male and Female

Hi – I’m Banjo! I was adopted from Pasado’s Safe Haven a long time ago and I am here to tell you about some other AMAZING dogs they have at the sanctuary but aren’t able to show you yet.

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescues animals from criminal cases of neglect/cruelty. Sometimes these animals are not able to be seen by the public until they are released by the court system. While I can’t show you them yet, trust me – they will melt your heart! Some are big, some are small – all are lovable!

They get excellent care and of course lots of love. I can show you their picture as soon as the case against the person who caused them harm is completed. So please check back frequently…and tell your friends too! My friends look forward to meeting you soon!

If you would like to help these animals, you can complete a foster questionnaire for our “Paws in Protection” foster program. Learn more about that program here.

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