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Cat and Kitten Adoption

Cat and Kitten Adoption

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescues cats and kittens from a variety of cases and rehabilitates them at our sanctuary, just northeast of Seattle, while we search for their homes.

A cat is a companion like no other – independent, affectionate, serene, and wild all at once! For each cat and kitten adoption, Pasado’s Safe Haven is able to rescue even more animals. If you aren’t able to adopt, consider fostering a cat! You can help by providing a safe space and acting as the animal’s advocate.

View their profiles below and see if your next furry family member is waiting for you at Pasado’s Safe Haven. When you are ready to take the next step, click the “Adopt” or “Foster” buttons to be directed to a questionnaire.

There is a $100 adoption fee for all cats (or $175 for a pair) to help cover the cost of their spay/neuter, vaccinations, and microchipping.

Soy and Pickles

AGE: Adult       SEX: Males

Meet Soy and Pickles, two best friends who love to play together and wrestle around. These boys’ sweet nature is really beginning to shine since being rescued from a hoarding case in Mason County. Although still shy, Soy and Pickles are learning how amazing these things called “pets” are. Soy especially will be sure to voice his demands when he needs your affection and offer grateful purrs in return. These two are a bonded pair who will be adopted together into their forever home. They would love to find a quiet home with patient humans who can meet their medical needs and give them plenty of love and cozy napping spots.


AGE: Senior       SEX: Male

Bean is a tom cheeked tux cat who’s tongue just barely pokes out of his mouth 90% of the day. Bean loves to engage through play – wand toys and catnip are the way to his heart. He is very curious and wants to be part of the attention when his roommates are receiving pets, but isn’t too sure about allowing them himself yet. He’ll get there – he just needs a patient person who can give him time to adjust.


AGE: Adult       SEX: Male

Hmmm, yes. I see you there. And really, if you’re going to think I’d perform for you, like a dog or one of those lesser cats who bat at things or make annoying little mewing sounds…well, you clearly haven’t met a PROPER cat. Such as myself, Bernie. However, if you have a truly sensitive nature and understand I prefer my felines friends to humans, I will consider you as a potential companion. I don’t ask for much – just a comfy bed to rest on next to my friends and a can of food or two.

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued Bernie from a hoarding case in Snohomish, Wa. with 47 cats. You can read more about the rescue story here.


AGE: Adult       SEX: Male

Cupid had a rough start to life – being a survivor of a hoarding case. But his Caregiver says, “I love that despite all the hardships Cupid has faced, he still has the courage to approach his caregivers. With careful head-butts and his mighty purr, he lets us know that he’s thankful.”

Not only is Cupid is FIV+ but he has been diagnosed with Stomatitis and has had the majority of his teeth removed. Cupid will need a quiet and patient home as he continues to recover and learn that life isn’t so scary. Do you have room in your heart for a special needs cat? Let Cupid be the one!

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued Cupid from a hoarding case in Naches, Wa. with 39 cats. You can read more about the rescue story here.

Freddy Purrcurry

AGE: Adult       SEX: Male

Freddy Purrcury is a curious boy trying to figure out this thing called life. He is constantly looking out the door, watching the world go by. He observes his furiends receiving positive attention and is still deciding if he wants any of his own. Are you the one who can show Freddy just how wonderful things can be?

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued Freddy Purrcury from a hoarding case in Naches, Wa. with 39 cats. You can read more about the rescue story here.


AGE: Adult       SEX: Male

When Pasado’s Safe Haven received a call from someone in distress, overwhelmed with cats who were sick and needed help, we stepped in to access the situation. There we found Frisky and 10 other cats who were in need of immediate medical care.

Now Frisky is healthy, but is quite shy and still learning to be the outgoing cat know he can be. He will come out if he thinks no one is looking, but does spend most of his day hiding. Though, once he knows and trusts you, he is the SWEETEST lap cat.

All he needs is a chance! Complete a questionnaire to come meet him!


AGE: Young Adult       SEX: Female

Gretel is one of those special cats who, regardless of size, will always and forever look like a kitten. When you look at Gretel, you may notice that she looks and acts a little different from the other cats. Her tongue is usually sticking out, her eyes don’t open all the way, and she typically runs from new people. But every day she makes progress and is showing us the cat she always could have been:

Her Caregiver says, “I don’t believe that she ever played as a kitten, so to watch her play now is heartwarming and boy does she love to play. I could spend hours watching Gretel play, she runs and jumps and gets sooooo excited, she carries toys around in her mouth chirping to the others to come see what she has caught it is adorable. She is so curious and follows the other cats around trying to figure out what they are doing all the time.”

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued Bootsy from a hoarding case in Naches, Wa. with 39 cats. You can read more about the rescue story here.

GusGus & Jet

AGE: Adult       SEX: Male

Gus Gus and Jet are two of the 47 cats rescued from an abandoned home in Snohomish County. They are a bonded pair who truly rely on one another. They aren’t quite ready to be affectionate with people yet, but will come out to play – especially if treats are involved! Jet has already made huge strides since coming to us. He spent the first 2 weeks with his head in a corner. Now he is comfortable in his environment and shares his space well with the other cats and caregivers. In the right environment, these two are sure to shine. If you would like to meet Jet and Gus Gus, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued GusGus & Jet from a hoarding case in Snohomish, Wa. with 47 cats. You can read more about the rescue story here.


AGE: Adult       SEX: Male

Hans can be a little shy, but there is a secret to opening his heart – FOOD! With the help of tasty treats, Hans has been building confidence and gaining trust with his Caregivers. He does amazing with his feline friends and acts like the big brother, trying to protect everybody. His personality is going to get bigger and better with time and love. Can you give that to him?


AGE: Older Adult       SEX: Female

Likes: Other cats, taking naps in a sunbeam, relaxing on her catio, humans who let her be independent, and CATNIP.

Dislikes: The warlock’s curse that transformed her into a cat. And birds. “They are lousy sky wizards who need to obey the laws of gravity.” -Henrietta

Swipe right, maybe? (aka click one of those adopt or foster buttons at the top of the page)


AGE: Adult       SEX: Female

Juno is a sweet, playful cat who loves other cats. She can sometimes be cautious around people and isn’t too sure about pets, but loves rubbing up against you around mealtimes. She will do wonderfully in a home with another cat. If you would like to bring Juno home, fill out a questionnaire today!


AGE: Senior       SEX: Male

Jupiter is out of this world sweet! He’s an older boy who spends most of his days lounging in a sunbeam or a lap – but also loves to play with toys. He does great with other social cats and currently shares a room with our other adoptable FIV cats.

Cats with FIV can live a normal, healthy life just like any other cat. They can also live with non-FIV cats since transmission is mainly through deep bite wounds – the kind that usually occur when cats are living outdoors, facing territorial disputes.

If you can provide the love this boy deserves, complete an application today!


AGE: Adult       SEX: Female

Smile pretty for the camera? Do I LOOK like a supermodel to you? Okay, well maybe. But can’t you see I was NAPPING? I’m Koala, and I really think these rescue people must be nuts or something. Nice, but nuts. Let me lay it on the line: I’m a cat. A MATURE cat. I have my pride and my dignity, unlike SOME OTHER SPECIES who are all about being in your face and stuff. Ack. Not me! It wasn’t my fault that my purrson didn’t take care of me and left me to die, when I should have been lazing around in a sun beam while someone admired my beauty. Now I’m outta there and trying to catch up on this, but keeping getting disturbed by these people taking my picture. You or a friend of yours can get me away from all this. I have a LOT of napping to catch up on!


AGE: Young Adult       SEX: Male

Locket has a super power! His coat is so soft it’ll make all your troubles go away. Pet Locket and you’ll be lost in his silky coat, forgetting all those other dreaded responsibilities you have. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with him.

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued Locket from a hoarding case in Naches, Wa. with 39 cats. You can read more about the rescue story here.


AGE: Adult       SEX: Female

Makayla is a striking black and white cat with a love for her fellow cats. She is nervous around humans and will hide sometimes if someone she doesn’t know approaches, but within minutes she always rejoins her feline friends – confidence gained through their presence! She is learning to love people, but she will need patience, understanding, and time. If you would like to adopt Makayla, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!


AGE: Older Adult       SEX: Female

Measy is happy, healthy and ready for her home! She came to us from a large case of neglect but is ready to put all of that behind her and learn to trust people. Give this girl a chance by completing an application to foster or adopt today!

Mrs. Frizzle

AGE: Adult       SEX: Female

Mrs. Frizzle is a stunning, grey cat who loves her feline friends and napping in her favorite cubby. Consider giving her a home today!


AGE: Kitten       SEX: Male

In high school terms, Oswald is the quiet kid at the back of the class who is kind of reserved but really sweet and kind. When he plays, he is gentle and otherwise is happy to nap with whoever wants some cuddle time. Consider giving this great kitty a home today!


AGE: Adult       SEX: Female

Pax has been through a lot in her short life and shows us just how important it is for animals to feel safe and loved. She typically hides not only because humans are new to her, but because she’s been bullied by other cats. Pax does allow slow pets – clearly wanting affection but unsure how to react. It will take time for her to feel secure, but we know she can get there. Her Caregiver says the best thing about Pax is “the way [she] looks at me. It is as is she is saying, ‘Thank you for saving me.”

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued Pax from a hoarding case in Naches, Wa. with 39 cats. You can read more about the rescue story here.


AGE: Kitten       SEX: Female

A cat’s cat, Payton is very playful with other cats and by herself with toys but she is still a little leery of humans moving around her or trying to pick her up (though she tolerates it!). She’s also a ninja! She moves so fast and so quietly – she’s in one place only to glance away for a moment and she’s somewhere else entirely. Payton is sure to keep you on your toes and provide endless joy!


AGE: Adult       SEX: Female

Pogue is a very shy gal who will show her snuggly side to the right human. She comes out at night, but hides when people come around. Though she’s very shy and often stays in her pod, if you reach in and introduce herself she’ll let you pet her–and if you stay long enough, she might even start to fall asleep. She’s very happy to have her roommates come in and curl up with her. Pogue will thrive in a low stress, quiet home. She would get along with other gentle cats. Pogue may always be a shy cat so she needs a human companion who is patient and willing to work with her to earn her trust.


AGE: Young Adult       SEX: Female

Rae is one of the 47 cats rescued by Pasado’s Safe Haven from an abandoned home in Snohomish County. Rae has been very shy since she arrived at Kitty City, but she is learning to feel comfortable in her own way. She is exploring more and settling in to the best napping spots. She gravitates toward male cats and loves to snuggle with them, but she tends to get along with everyone. If you would like to meet Rae, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued Rae from a hoarding case in Snohomish, Wa. with 47 cats. You can read more about the rescue story here.


AGE: Young Adult       SEX: Male

Raymond is an outgoing, affectionate cat who can keep up with the roughhousing kittens, but is also content to have quiet time time with ‘dad’ cat, Robert. Raymond is very food motivated and slowly, but surely, has taught all of his roommates to stick close to the door and meow around mealtime, just in case we forgot. He now presides over a chorus of four who get very vocal around 3pm. Raymond will keep you laughing if you just give him a chance!


AGE: Adult       SEX: Male

Robert is the “dad” of his cat room! He lives with rowdy roommates and likes to pretend he is above all the noise, watching them play from his perch (although he has been caught launching himself after the other cats in play and does his absolute best to “catch” all of the mice toys in his room when he thinks no one is looking). Given the right environment and a chance to acclimate, Robert is likely to transform from a grumpy cat into an outgoing cat!


AGE: Senior       SEX: Female

Is that my name I hear? Is someone really asking about me? I’m Rush and I’ve been part of the dating scene for several years now, even though I’m the most daring and affectionate cat you’ll ever meet. My all-time favorite activity is to lay in someone’s lap. Sometimes I don’t even need a lap. If you stand in one place too long then I’ll just curl up between your feet to fall asleep.

I have a neurological issue that causes a limp tail and some urine leakage so I’ve had a hard time finding someone who will commit to a long-term relationship. I do use my litter box, I just can’t control that occasional leak. Does this mean I have to be single furever? I’m on a special urinary diet that keeps me happy and healthy. And boy am I happy!

I love to curl up on cat beds, balance on the back of chairs, and enjoy the companionship of my feline friends. I know there is someone out there who wants to snuggle the days away with me. If that’s you, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!


AGE: Senior       SEX: Male

Sasquatch really appreciates having his cubby/crate hidey holes where he can observe us if he wishes (and he does wish, often) but also feel secure with something all around him. When he’s feeling up to it, he’s a LOT of fun to play with – he really gets into it with wand toys and feathery things. He’s also a fan of cardboard scratch boards.

His Caregiver says, “My favorite thing about him is his eyes, which are always wide open and he looks like he is just fascinated with the world. You can often find him sitting at the front of the room peering out the window!”


AGE: Adult       SEX: Female

Snow loves her feline friends, playing, and is very curious about anything new her Caregivers bring into her room. Snow shows us everyday that she wants to be brave, but she likely need an outgoing cat who show her the ropes.

Her Caregiver says the most endearing things about her is: “When Snow gets scared she runs and hides under big brother Hans. She tucks her head in his arm and cuddles up under him – it is really cute.”

Can you help Snow? Complete a questionnaire today.

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued Snow from a hoarding case in Naches, Wa. with 39 cats. You can read more about the rescue story here.


AGE: Young Adult       SEX: Female

Introverted home-body seeks like-minded human. New things can be scary and Tater is a shy girl who is still learning people are okay. She will need a patient, calm household to help her blossom into the cat we know she can be.

Tater is FIV+ but can live a normal, healthy life just like any other cat. The risk of transmission is rare so she is able to live with non-FIV cats. In fact, she would love to have a cat companion!

This sweet cat is waiting for her family – are you going to take her home?


AGE: Young Adult       SEX: Male

Tony is a handsome young cat who LOVES people. If you aren’t providing enough affection, don’t worry – he’ll let you know! He’ll slowly creep into your lap or meow until you pay him attention. If you’re looking for a cat who shows you each and everyday just how much they love you – look no further than Tony.


AGE: Kitten       SEX: Male

Tortellini is a special needs kitten who is looking for a special human. He’s shy and snuggly, and warm his way right into your heart! He will even roll onto his back to hug you with his giant paws! Sadly Tortellini has an irreversible and rare medical condition for cats, where his knee joints are permanently out of place. This is not causing Tortellini any pain or discomfort right now – this is likely the only way he’s ever known to walk – but it will require special attention as he grows into an adult. We don’t know what the future holds for this little guy, but we do know that Tortellini is hoping to find a human who can give him plenty of love and affection – could you be just the human for him?

Victims of Cruelty

AGE: Various       SEX: Male and Female

Hi – I’m Citrus! I was already adopted from Pasado’s Safe Haven and am here to tell you about some other AMAZING cats they have at the sanctuary but aren’t able to show you yet.

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescues animals from criminal cases of neglect/cruelty. Sometimes these animals are considered “live evidence” and not able to be seen by the public until they are released by the court system. While I can’t show you who they are yet, trust me – they will melt your heart! Some are fluffy, some are kittens, but all are lovable!

They get excellent vet care, nutritious food, and of course lots of love. I can show you their picture as soon as the case against the person who caused them harm is completed. So please check back frequently…and tell your friends too! My friends look forward to “seeing” you soon!

If you would like to be contacted when these animals become available, please go ahead and complete an adoption questionnaire so we can get a feel for what you are looking for.

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