Our Team

Our Team

Pasado’s Safe Haven has a small, but mighty team of dedicated individuals who are working toward our mission of ending animal cruelty.  From caring for our sanctuary residents to supporting all our vital program work, our staff puts their knowledge, passion and experience to work every day for the animals.

Please check our job postings for current open positions.

Our Board of Directors is actively looking for new members who are the right fit to continue to expand the organization’s impact.  For more information, please review our Board Prospectus.

Sarah Ames
General Caregiver

Sarah has always had a heart for animals. After researching ways to become involved in ending animal cruelty, she found Pasado’s Safe Haven and wanted nothing more than to be a part of the team. When Sarah isn’t spending her time with her animal friends at the sanctuary, you can find her snuggling with her persian cat Sterling, or exploring the beautiful Northwest with her husband Jake.

Why I Fight For Animals: I believe that Earth was created for all life, not just humans.


Brenna Anderst
Outreach Manager

Brenna comes from an extensive background in the nonprofit sector with experience in youth development, education, fundraising, program management, and volunteer recruitment. As the Outreach Manager at Pasado’s Safe Haven, Brenna is excited to be able to combine her love of animals with her professional skills. She became an ethical vegan when she returned to the U.S. after living in Morocco for two and a half years. During her time abroad, she was able to witness where all of her food was coming from, something that she hadn’t had the opportunity to do back home. This began her shift from being an animal lover to being an animal advocate. Helping animals has been a lifelong passion of hers and now she is thrilled to be able to spread a message of compassion and respect for all beings through the Pasado’s Safe Haven Outreach Program.

Why I Fight For Animals: Because it is our responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless, human or nonhuman.


Elyse Engelhardt
Pig Lead

Elyse started as a volunteer at Pasado’s Safe Haven and quickly fell in love with the sanctuary and the mission.  She is thrilled to now be a full-time employee. Growing up, Elyse was always surrounded by animals and at a young age it became very apparent that animal care was her passion. Elyse loves getting to know all of the animals living at the sanctuary and helping them get their second chance at life. On her days off, she enjoys going to the dog park with her pup Olive and taking day trips with her boyfriend.

Favorite Place on the Sanctuary: In NARN Barn! I love being surrounded by all of the animals!


Jenny Fraley
Director of Homelessness Prevention 

Jenny joined Pasado’s Safe Haven after 25 years in corporate retail where her business, financial, and leadership experience translated easily into the animal non-profit world. After holding a variety of staff positions, she has now settled in as the Director of Homelessness Prevention Initiatives. Jenny is passionate about spay/neuter and believes it plays a major role in working toward a “no-kill” future.  She currently directs three spay/neuter programs in Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties as well as two Pet Food Bank programs. Jenny’s furry family consists of Cindy Lou (dog), Baylee, (dog), Pudgy (Dog), all Pasado’s rescues, as well as Mister Desi, a cat she’s had since he was 8 weeks old.

Best Moment With An Animal: Bottle feeding Blue the cow when he came in as a cast-off from the dairy industry (his fate would have been to be used as veal).


Dan Friske
Facilities Director

Dan was a volunteer at Pasado’s Safe Haven before officially joining the staff. Dan has worked in the construction field his whole life; he learned his trade from his dad, who owned his own plumbing and heating company.  Dan has many years’ experience in residential construction, sales and do-it-yourself retail management. Dan is a transplant from South Dakota who has two daughters, Bailey and Ryan.  When not helping maintain the 85 acres at Pasado’s, Dan enjoys working on projects at his own home that he shares with his fiance, Virginia.


Allison Gillett

Growing up, Allison was always around animals. She has always had cats and dogs in her life and started fostering kittens when she was quite young. She is excited to be able to make a career out of something she truly loves – caring for animals. Pasado’s Safe Haven is a place she have always heard about and respected, and she is very honored and grateful to be part of a team that makes such a difference in the lives of animals.

Favorite Place On The Sanctuary: Cuddling up with the pigs!


Michele Graves

Coming from a background in health care and education, Michele started as a volunteer at Pasado’s Safe Haven. She previously grew her compassion as a hospice volunteer and received the Spirit of Volunteerism Award from Providence Hospice. Michele is an ethical vegan who volunteers with the Northwest Animal Rights Network (the “NARN” in “NARN Barn” for those familiar with the Pasado’s Safe Haven sanctuary) and ran her first marathon with Team Humane League. She has provided a forever home to several older dogs. To imagine a better future, she loves to read and write science fiction and recommends “Carmen Dog” by Carol Emshwiller. She’s influenced by the work of Carol J. Adams, Lauren Ornelas and Jo-Anne McArthur and her heroes are every one who makes a difference for animals.

Why I Fight for Animals: “Skill in living, awareness of belonging in the world, delight in being part of the world, always tends to involve knowing our kinship as animals with animals.” — Ursula K. Le Guin


Lindsey Hamerly
General Caregiver

Lindsey graduated from Western Washington University with a BS in Psychology and a BA in Human-Animal Interactions. From a young age, she felt drawn to caring for animals and luckily grew up in a family that supported that passion. Lindsey has been active in equestrian sports for many years and most recently has used that experience to rescue and rehabilitate horses in need. When not at Pasado’s Safe Haven, Lindsey enjoys exploring the Seattle area with friends or spending time with her animals, including Millie the pig, her dog Rio, cat Luna, and horses Daisy and Tater Tot.

Favorite Place on the Sanctuary: Snuggling with Splash the pig in her hay pile!


Laura Henderson
Executive Director

Laura brings 25 years’ experience in the for-profit world to the cause of ending animal cruelty at Pasado’s Safe Haven. She has worked at both Fortune 100 companies and small start-ups, but the common thread was that she always had roles driving new initiatives and programs with diverse teams.  Laura has deep experience in marketing, branding, public affairs, strategic planning and communications. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Washington’s Honors Program with a B.A. in Political Science. She also holds an M.B.A. from the University of Washington’s Foster School. A vegan for several years, Laura is mom to Zandia (a misspelling of Sandia, which means “watermelon” in Spanish), a street dog she rescued while living in El Salvador.

Why I Fight For Animals: Animals – particularly the billions suffering in our food production system – desperately need our help.


Becca Hines
Ruminant Lead

Becca joined the Pasado’s Safe Haven team in 2016 and found her home. She graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a BA in Anthropology and a BFA in Theatre. After reading Next of Kin by Roger Fouts she realized her love of animals was her true passion. She travelled to Tanzania, East Africa and saw animals in their natural habitats protected and safe and wanted to do the same for farm animals in the U.S. At Pasado’s Safe Haven, she is living her dream career every day of her life. When not caring for the animals here, she is a volunteer caregiver at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest where she has been since 2012. Becca shares her 250 sq foot home with her husband Lars and their 3 rescues; Jasper and Queen Butters who are cats and a crazy dog, Raleigh.

Favorite Place on the Sanctuary: Taking my sleeping bag out to cows and cuddling with Norman.


Joan Hovis
Lead Cat Caregiver

Joan grew up in Alaska surrounded by animals, whether it was wildlife or domestic, her home always had an open door policy to all animals. Years ago, she started a pet sitting business where she was able to share her love and knowledge of caring for animals with her community. She has volunteered with various rescue groups, but her involvement with the Community Cat Coalition renewed her passion for animal welfare and sparked her desire to help animals on a day-to-day basis and to educate people on the importance of animal welfare. She believes that through education, we can help our society recognize that animals have value. She is excited to be part of such an extraordinary team and to help the animals heal from the hard lives they have had to live.

Why I Fight For Animals: All animals should live a life full of dignity where they are valued and protected.


Darcy Jones
Mobile Spay/Neuter Manager

Darcy brings 10 years of animal care and rescue experience to her role of overseeing Pasado’s Safe Haven Spay/Neuter clinics. She has a soft spot for rabbits and normally has one or two foster bunnies hopping around her home. She also has two dogs, three cats, and  wonderful human family that puts up with her animal rescuing obsession.

Why I Fight For Animals:  Because it’s the right thing to do; I feel it’s my calling. Helping people spay/neuter helps decrease the animals coming into shelters and being euthanized unnecessarily.


Sheila Lee
Finance & Administration Director

Sheila brings more than 30 years of experience managing Accounting Operations for companies large and small to the Pasado’s Safe Haven team.  She has a passion for animal welfare and is mom to two of her own rescues, Harley dog and Bama kitty. Sheila believes that all animals have the right to live happy and well-cared for lives.

Why I Fight For Animals:  Animals deserve to live their lives free from suffering and exploitation.


Kendra Madison
Clinical Care & Healing Barn Manager

Kendra brings a decade of clinical and medical experience to her position at Pasado’s Safe Haven. Prior to becoming a full-time employee, Kendra served as Transport Coordinator and Veterinary Assistant for Pasado’s Safe Haven’s Snohomish County Spay and Neuter Program for a year.  Kendra is passionate about getting to know each of the animal residents as individual beings and assuring that their special needs are met during their time at the sanctuary, regardless of how long that may be. When not working, Kendra can be found exploring the mountains and catering to the (frequently unreasonable) demands of her two orange tabbies, Nugget and Lilo.

Best Moment With An Animal: A tie between sharing a box of doughnuts with Austin llama and spending 10 hours in the back of a van full of rescued baby goats… TWICE!


Director of Investigations & Rescue Operations

Our Director of Investigations & Rescue Operations is a certified animal cruelty investigator through the University of Missouri Law Enforcement Training Institute.  Graduating from Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Science in Ethology and a minor in Zoology, she went on to do graduate work with chimpanzees and later completed a year at Ross School of Veterinary Medicine.  Her passion for animals has taken her into many fields of study, working with a wide variety of species including dogs, cats, farmed animals, cetaceans, shark, birds, and primates.  She has worked in the fields of veterinary medicine, cruelty investigation, disaster relief and rescue, field research and wildlife rehabilitation.

Best Moment With An Animal: Each time I pass through our sanctuary gates with an incoming animal; I promise him/her that they will never again be hurt, afraid, disrespected or abandoned.

Stacey Mansfield
Sanctuary Administrator

Stacey has over 16 years  of office management experience. As Sanctuary Administrator Stacey manages the office and interacts with donors on a daily basis. If you are a supporter, chances are good that you have either spoken to Stacey, or will in the future! At home she is “mom” to one human son, Mason and three fur baby dogs (Dexter, Slinky and Alice Copper) who run her life and have turned her into a short order cook, catering to various allergies and dietary restrictions…a groomer, catering to both hair and fur…and an armchair doctor/vet fixing owies and medicating everything from ear infections to glaucoma.

Why I Fight For Animals: Animals can’t defend their own rights, they need us to give them a voice.


Don Murray
General Counsel

Don attended University of Washington and Willamette College of Law.   Roles in his professional background include: founder and managing partner of Bullivant, Houser and Bailey Seattle; CEO of Elf Technologies;  and President & Chairman of Serengeti Law, a financial transaction legal software company. He is the co-founder of Harry’s Hounds, a Murray family foundation supporting dog rescue organizations.

Best Moment With An Animal: Feeding the baby goats!


Dan Nutt
Pet Food Bank Coordinator

Dan joined Pasado’s Safe Haven as the Pierce County Pet Food Bank Coordinator. He comes to Pasado’s with eight years of combined experience in non-profit work and pet retail. He has a BA in English Writing from Pacific Lutheran University and has loved cats for as long as he can remember. For Dan, being able to support his local community and positively impact the lives of animals in his day to day work is a dream come true. At home, he and his partner Kathy enjoy Science Fiction of all stripes, board games, and time snuggling with their four cats, Tango, Cash, Vala, and Badger.

Why I Fight for Animals: Animals deserve respect, love, and meaningful lives just as much as any human, if not more so, and I just want to do my part to contribute to them.


Wendy Ogunsemore
Communications Director

Wendy brings over 15 years’ experience as a senior level communications specialist and brand strategist, with clients ranging from global corporations to prominent professionals in sports and entertainment, including their community outreach and non-profit partnerships. Her career launched in New York City, where she worked under PR legend, Howard Rubenstein, and built strong relationships with media and influencers. Originally a crop farmer’s daughter from Skagit Valley and University of Washington graduate, she found her way back on the West Coast, where she ran her own marketing and celebrity-branding agency for over six years. Pasado’s Safe Haven became her home after becoming inspired by the opportunity to create real change for animals.

Why I Fight For Animals: After starting a family of my own, I had a paradigm shift and strong sense of urgency to do more to protect the animals and our environment for future generations.


Karen Parnall

Karen started her adventure with animals as a young girl when she snuck a feral kitten into her basement. She then spent a few days convincing her parents what a great idea it would be to have a cat. Since then, Karen has had the pleasure of sharing her life with cats, dogs, gerbils, and a cold salt water aquarium. She worked as a biologist at The Seattle Aquarium and then became a licensed small animal massage practitioner. In conjunction with massage, she incorporated Applied Zoopharmacognosy into her sessions. She has spent time volunteering at Everett Animal Shelter and N.O.A.H. She says that being at Pasado’s Safe Haven is like a daily miracle for her. She couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this amazing organization and to participate in the common goal of doing what’s right for each animal in Pasado’s Safe Haven’s care.

Why I Fight For Animals: Animals are cohabitants with us on this earth, and play an important part in its health. It’s our responsibility to respect their animal nature and to treat each one with care and compassion. We must also protect them from the cruelty brought down on them by ignorant people and inhumane circumstances.


Stephanie Perciful
Sanctuary Director

Stephanie brings over 20 years’ professional experience managing teams to the organization. After a long career in apparel design and creative team management, she decided to follow her heart, leave the creative industry behind and put her extensive animal shelter volunteer experience to work for Pasado’s Safe Haven.   Stephanie is still also an active Volunteer Caregiver at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.  She has found  a renewed joy at Pasado’s Safe Haven, and loves improving the lives of the sanctuary’s many deserving animals. When not working, Stephanie shares her life with her husband (who is also involved in animal rescue) and their three cats, Voodoo, Karma, and Benedict (a rescue cat she adopted from Pasado’s Safe Haven).

Favorite Place On The Sanctuary: Snuggling with pigs in the pig barn on a cold rainy day.


Tabitha Phillips
Communications Coordinator

Tabitha attended the University of Georgia where she took interest in animal rights by joining the animal rights group “Speak out for Species”. After graduating with a journalism degree, Tabitha spent three months with Compassion Over Killing’s Los Angeles office as a full-time volunteer to spread awareness of a vegan diet through local outreach and national campaigns. She then spent three months as an education intern with Farm Sanctuary where she had the benefit of working directly with farmed animals. After joining the team, it took her less than 6 months to find herself adopting a Pasado’s Safe Haven cat.  When not working, she enjoys watching Netflix and playing video games with her dog, Sookie and her  cat, Calcifer.

Best Moment With An Animal: Every moment that I get to hear Bentley pig “squee!”


Jayme Roberts

Jayme grew up on 8 acres in Florida with a wide variety of animals, most of which were rescued. This is where she developed her love of animals and how she came to desire a career working with them. Jayme is thrilled to be apart of the Pasado’s Safe Haven team. On her days off, Jayme spends time with her husband and two adopted dogs, Caven and Cora, and volunteers at PAWS Wildlife Center.

Best Moment With An Animal: I love all my animal moments but one that stands out is holding a red-tailed hawk to assist with administering medication.


Jennifer Roers
Volunteer & Events Manager

Jen joined the Pasado’s Safe Haven team after first being a volunteer for the organization. A vegetarian and then vegan for most of her adult life, Jen has always had a passion for animals, including getting her Bachelor of Science degree in biology. After working for years in corporate America, Jen is excited to be putting her experience to work for the animals. Jen and her husband, Dave (a Pasado’s Safe Haven volunteer) live with their three cats, Tango, Oreo, and Rosie, and look forward to the day they can expand their little, furry family.

Favorite Place on the Sanctuary: Everywhere! I’ve told people for years that Pasado’s Safe Haven is my “happy place”!


Paige Ryan
Development Director

Prior to joining Pasado’s Safe Haven, Paige served as a Global Business Development Director responsible for all aspects of the sales and relationship cycle with clients. She also has expertise in branding, experiential design, project management and media production. Paige‘s clients have included Fortune 100 companies, major film studios and cultural institutions, but her work with nonprofit organizations always held the most meaning. After volunteering at Pasado’s Safe Haven and serving on the organization’s board of directors, Paige knew she wanted to dedicate her professional skills to making a better world for our animal friends. Paige and her fiance share their home with a magical cat named Tola and a hilarious bunny named Banjo Grillz.

Why I Fight For Animals: Because all living beings want to be happy and free.


Jake Smith
Dog Lead Caregiver

Jake joined Pasado’s Safe Haven as a Farm Hand and also worked as General Caregiver before being promoted to Dog Lead.  He has a deep-rooted compassion for animals that comes from a childhood full of caring for and raising animals. That led him to volunteer his time with a variety of animal rescues over several years before joining the team at Pasado’s Safe Haven. While Jake loves animals, he doesn’t currently have any of his own…for now anyway!

Best Moment With an Animal: Meeting Cowboy dog for the first time.


Liz S.
General Caregiver

Since Liz was a young girl, there was never a time she didn’t have animals. She and her family rescued many that were abandon on the street and some from local shelters. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she wanted to make a difference. She found Pasado’s Safe Haven soon after moving here from New Jersey while attending a Compassion Day.  Since then, she knew this was the place she wanted to be.

Favorite Place on the Sanctuary: One of my favorite places in the sanctuary is the Healing Barn.  Working in the Healing Barn you watch all types of animals come in the door and then you get to watch them recover and thrive.


Ashley Wisdom
Animal Caregiver Supervisor

Ashley has loved and cared for equines her entire life. Her enthusiasm to work with all animals, especially those coming from difficult situations, gives her the drive to do her best to show them the love and care that they each deserve. Ashley is currently guardian for three horses, a donkey, three dogs, and five cats of her own. All of whom are completely spoiled.

Why I Fight For Animals: I was taught from an early age that all animals should be treated as you would like to be treated and that it is our job to make sure that they are properly cared for.


Snohomish County Spay/Neuter Transport Program

Leanna Goettel, Veterinary Technician

Leanna is dedicated to the Snohomish County Spay/Neuter Transport Program’s mission of preventing unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.  She brings unique skills and the gift of compassion to each animal she sees.


Pierce County Spay Station

Suzanne Thomas, DVM – Veterinarian
Darcy Jones – Spay Station Manager
Kim AcKein – F/T Veterinary Assistant 
Heather Gascon – F/T Licensed Veterinary Technician
Stephanie Baltazor – P/T Veterinary Assistant

The Pasado’s Pierce County Spay Station staff is passionate about the life saving work they do.  This program has performed over 11,000 surgeries since it’s inception in 2011, preventing thousands of unnecessary euthanasia.


South King County Spay Station

Veterinarian – Suzanne Thomas, DVM; Krystal Price, DVM; Jennifer Buchanan, DVM
Mariel Small – Licensed Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Assistant – Jennifer Munoz
Veterinary Assistant – Leah Lynch

This veterinary team is relentless in their pursuit of a “no kill Washington”.  Working with South County Cats and Regional Animals Services of King County, they tirelessly pursue reducing the number of animals entering the area shelters through spay and neuter.


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