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YAM! Youth Action Movement

YAM! Youth Action Movement

Calling all aspiring animal advocates! Pasado’s Safe Haven’s Youth Action Movement or YAM! is here. There are so many ways that youth can make a difference for animals and we want to provide some tools to put that passion into action.
Join the movement and start doing your part for the animals!

Meet Other Aspiring Animal Activists!

Kayla is an energetic pre-teen who lights up the world around her. At only 5 years old, she dreamed of designing her own clothing line. Combining her love of fashion with her love of animals, Kayla launched BROWN SUGAR KIDS – clothing that gives back to animal sanctuaries.

Jack is a lover of animals by nature. Here is a statement from Jack:
“I think eating animals and animal cruelty is sad and gross. I think that are the same as humans, they only have a different kind of body. Average people think lesser of them because of that. It is the actions that animals take that define them. Animals should have the same rights as humans.”

High school students Novia and Ava are petitioning King County Council to pass an ordinance making the sale of dogs, cats or rabbits not sourced from a shelter or rescue illegal for pet stores. They are hoping that by passing the ordinance through the King County Council, such as Redmond and Bellevue, will be able help fight against animals sourced from mills.

Nathaniel has been a vegan for his entire life and growing up this way has inspired him to be an advocate for ALL animals. As an 8th grader at The Evergreen School, Nathaniel is a leader in the Animal Club. For his Bar Mitzvah project, he also created an informational video and GoFundMe page to raise money for the Pet Homelessness Prevention Program at Pasado’s Safe Haven.

Are you an Aspiring Animal Activist? Submit your story to our Outreach Manager!

Use Social Media

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
One of the easiest ways to spread the word is to use Social Media to help animals! Follow @Pasados or @PasadoSafeHaven and be sure to share our content with your friends. Make sure to follow other animal protection organizations as well in order to highlight all of the amazing work being done to help animals.
Create a YouTube Channel for Animals!
Have you always been a natural on camera? Do you have a rescue animal companion, an inspiring story about animals, or delicious meat-free recipes to share? Creating your own YouTube channel will give you a platform to spread a message of  kindness and compassion for all living things!
Write to Your Public Officials
By writing letters to your Representatives about animal issues, we can lessen suffering for all animals while also raising awareness. You could even create your own petition and collect signatures in support of an issue like puppy mills. You can also make your voice heard by sharing Pasado’s Safe Haven’s 2 Minute Actions!

Start a School Club

Starting a school club is a great way to get other classmates involved and aware of animal issues. Here are a few steps you can take to start your very own school club!
1. Ask friends to help you get the club started.
2. Identify a teacher to act as your adviser/sponsor.
3. Find out your school’s procedure for starting a school club and seek formal approval.
4. Find a place to hold meetings.
5. Get the word out about your club.
6. Hold your first meeting and plan your club’s goals and activities.
7. Take action!
8. Keep recruiting new members.
Ideas for activities that your school club can host are endless! Here are a few suggestions of what you and other club members can do:

  • Host a vegan bake sale or other event as a fundraiser for a shelter, animal organization or sanctuary like Pasado’s Safe Haven.
  • Organize a volunteer day at Pasado’s Safe Haven or another animal sanctuary/shelter in your area.
  • Host a movie screening that educates other students on the issues your club is focusing on.
  • Use your club as a platform to get other students involved in introducing more plant-based options in your school cafeteria.
  • Make adoption posters for homeless cats and dogs to share in your community.
  • Invite local activists to come speak to your class. You can invite speakers who cover topics like plant-based eating, animal cruelty, and animal activism. If your school is in the Greater Seattle Area you can book a Pasado’s Safe Haven speaker to come to one of your classes.

Your School Cafeteria

Don’t forget to eat your YAMS!
There are many ways to help animals but the most effective thing you can do is to reduce or eliminate your consumption
of animal products. And by encouraging others to eat more plant-based foods as well, you can make a huge difference in
your health, the animals, and the whole planet!
Increasing plant-based options in your school cafeteria is a great way to encourage classmates to try vegan/vegetarian
meals. It also makes a huge difference for animals when your whole school gets a chance to try more compassionate
meal options.

Check out our resources for bringing more plant-based options to your school:

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