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Education and Advocacy Programs

Each year, we engage thousands of people through education and advocacy initiatives designed to reduce animal suffering and grow compassion.
Change can happen in big and small ways. It can happen slowly, after years of persistent struggle, or in an instant burst of clarity. Whether we are fighting to improve legal protections for animals, or inspiring new thinking about which animals deserve our love and protection – our goal is simple: to stop suffering and grow compassion.

ADVOCACY: Pasado’s Safe Haven has been a leader driving positive policy changes in regards to animal rights and anti-cruelty laws for over two decades. Below are some of the critical milestones that we and our supporters helped make possible in Washington State:

  • The leasing of a dog or cat becomes illegal (2019)
  • Anti-animal fighting law strengthened (2019)
  • Limiting of dog breed-based discrimination (2019)
  • First state-wide anti-tethering law (2016)
  • Animal Abandonment becomes a misdemeanor (2004)
  • Bestiality becomes a crime (2004)
  • Animal neglect becomes a crime (2004 )
  • Becomes illegal to drag “downer cows” to slaughter (2004)
  • “Pasado’s Law” passes, making 1 st degree animal cruelty a felony (1994)

Anyone can help us be a voice for animals. Through our “2 Minute Action” alerts, we make it easy for people to take action for the animals on legislative and other issues where community input can help drive change.

EDUCATION:  Through our youth education programs we harness everyone’s natural love of animals in a classroom-setting to spark their innate compassion for all beings. By nurturing this compassion, we hope to help young people grow into citizens who will make the world a better place – for humans and animals. Pasado’s Safe Haven’s education options include:

  • Sanctuary Field Trips
  • Classroom Presentations
  • Spring and Summer Camps
  • College Lessons

PUBLIC EVENTS:  In many ways, the charming residents at Pasado’s Safe Haven are our best ambassadors. Each year, we host public tours and special events that give people the opportunity to interact with farmed animals as individuals. Our goal is to inspire “aha!”moments of connection and understand that all animals are deserving of our love and protection.

PERSONAL CHOICES:  As people learn more about the cruelty animals suffer within our food system, we want to be sure they have resources to take action and make choices that align with their beliefs. 7Lives7Days.com is our seven day vegan challenge to help people say “I’m IN!” to cruelty free foods that will not only change the lives of animals, but benefit personal health and the environment.

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