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Summer Rescued from Severe Neglect

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Summer Rescued from Severe Neglect;

Summer Before and After RescuePasado’s Safe Haven rescued Summer in 2012 from severe neglect and starvation. Summer was bred as a racehorse, but after racing one time and finishing last, she was sadly discarded. When we rescued her, she was in significant pain from severe emaciation, lice, rain rot (bacterial skin disease) and lack of dentistry and proper hoof care. She also suffered from a neurological disorder and joint challenges, including arthritis and a bowed knee. Summer had been suffering for far too long.

It was at Cedarbrook where she met her soul mate, Shamby. The two became instantly inseparable and shared a bond that staff had never seen before. Shamby took good care of Summer; physically keeping people away when she had a bad day or rushing to her side to keep her upright when she lost her balance. The two were also used in equine therapy, where Summer was able to help others – often veterans and those afflicted with PTSD and other mental or emotional obstacles.

Summer was given the second chance at life she deserved, and our team believed she was incredibly happy and finally at peace.

Recently, we knew Summer was at a hospice stage of her life. Her knee could no longer support her well but she was a fighter and wanted to stick around for as long as possible. We were watching to see when her quality of life reached a point that she was no longer happy. She reached that point and told us loud and clear. Summer passed peacefully on June 25, 2019, surrounded by so many people that loved her and with Shamby right by her side. We are grateful that we were able to give Summer a new lease on life, full of love and free of suffering.

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