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Nanni & Noodles Rescued from Extreme Neglect

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Nanni & Noodles Rescued from Extreme Neglect:

RESCUE UPDATE 5/10/19: This week, our Investigations & Rescue Team was in the Thurston County Courtroom, including testifying, regarding this case. We are happy to share that Nanni and Noodles’ owner was just found guilty of one count of second degree animal cruelty.

On February 14th, 2018, Pasado’s Safe Haven responded to a large rescue of birds and pigs in Thurston County, WA. Nanni and Noodles, along with several other pigs, were kept in a muddy, feces-filled lagoon covered in trash. The pigs were severely malnourished, having been fed only expired coffee creamer and rotting onions. It is shocking they were able to survive as long as they did.

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued four pigs and 34 birds from the scene. Once at our sanctuary, the pigs and birds received the care they needed. The four pigs, Dobby, Dexter, Nanni, and Noodles, were extremely malnourished and underweight. Upon examination by a veterinarian, Noodles and others were found to have genetic deformities and growths likely due to years of irresponsible breeding. Noodles was discovered to be severely constipated with rubber bands and a plastic bag stuck in her digestive tract.

After months of proper nourishment, attentive care, and research into their unique medical needs, Noodles and the other pigs fully recovered. Dexter and Dobby have been adopted into loving homes, and Nanni and Noodles are enjoying life at our sanctuary as they wait for their forever family.


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