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Marty Was Starved and Left For Dead

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Marty Was Starved and Left For Dead

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued Marty in early 2019. The sweet young dog was found starved and left for dead in an abandoned house. After evicting the tenants, the landowner entered the house only to find it in complete squalor, and three dogs struggling to survive. Photos from the home are hard to look at, knowing these animals were living there day after day with no relief of fresh air, food or clean water, and were locked in small cramped spaces.

Marty was incredibly lucky that the landlord called the police and that they responded right away. Regional Animal Services of King County acted quickly and brought Marty and the two other dogs to the shelter. He was severely underweight and had deep pressure sores on his body, which are open lesions caused by prolonged pressure on his skin, likely from being forced to stay in one position or a cramped space for too long.

While he began to heal at the shelter, he also started to emotionally shut down – a common occurrence for dogs who have been through such a traumatic experience and then brought into a shelter environment. The two other dogs rescued found new homes, but Marty was still scared and without a family. His fate was uncertain.

The shelter was concerned that his plummeting emotional health would prevent him from being adopted, so they called Pasado’s Safe Haven. We brought him to our sanctuary, knowing we could be his last hope. Here, he was given the time he needs to heal and find a loving home.

Marty quickly became a favorite of our staff and is one of the sweetest, most deserving dogs. He had all the reason in the word to be aggressive toward humans, but he showed us nothing but love and trust. This is why we continue to fight for animals like him.

Marty is still looking for his forever home. If you are interested in adopting this sweet boy, please fill out our adoption questionnaire here.


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