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Jax Rescued After Extreme Trauma

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Jax Rescued After Extreme Trauma


As you can imagine, our mission to end animal cruelty means that our team witnesses many horrific situations. Some of these cases are very disturbing, but are important to share. Jax is one of those stories.

At just 11 months old, Jax’s owner irresponsibly tied him into the bed of his truck. This incredibly dangerous practice, seen far too often, puts dogs at risk of serious injury and death. Sadly, Jax either jumped or fell out of the truck and was violently dragged behind the vehicle, for more than 5 minutes, the driver completely unaware.

This traumatic incident resulted in the pads and nails on his feet being torn off, his hind leg being completely ‘degloved’ down to muscle, and a hemorrhaging eye from the impact of the fall. Most shockingly, Jax’s owner did not seek medical care for over 15 hours! And when he finally did, he dropped him off at the vet and left. We cannot bear to imagine the pain and suffering Jax endured during those torturous hours.

Once at the vet, Jax received immediate emergency medical treatment and two follow up surgeries. Miraculously, the doctors were able to avoid amputation. He spent five days in ICU, and an additional 11 days hospitalized as he battled a bacterial infection.

We are happy to report that with extensive rehabilitation, Jax has made a full recovery and has just been adopted! Thanks to donors, he got a second chance at life.

Charges are pending in this case, and we are doing everything we can to make sure justice is served!

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