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Haylee Was Rescued From Suffering

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Haylee Was Rescued From Suffering:

She was pregnant, scared, and in so much pain that she could barely move. But because of caring people like you, she is still alive.

Haylee was trapped – under the care of an irresponsible breeder. She had been hit by a car while pregnant. Her right hip was dislocated and her left femur shattered. These excruciating injuries caused her extreme pain, and she suffered in this condition for six long weeks. Once we rescued her and brought her to our sanctuary, we immediately gave her the medical attention she desperately needed.

A few days later, she gave birth to five healthy puppies. After two weeks of round-the-clock care, once it was safe for her and the puppies, she underwent surgery. Her right hip was successfully pinned back into place, but unfortunately, her left leg had to be amputated due to the extensive injuries and lack of immediate care.

We were committed to helping her gain back her strength. And she has shown us that she has a very strong will to live! Her recovery included sessions of physical therapy, hydro and laser therapy, and multiple daily massages to rebuild her mobility.

Haylee has a bright future ahead! We are so happy to share that she was adopted into a forever home where she is feeling happy and loved!

We welcomed Haylee and her puppies back to Pasado’s Safe Haven for a one-year anniversary puppy party – watch the fun below:

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