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Fausto, Azura and Mikie Rescued from Severe Neglect

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Fausto, Azura and Mikie Rescued from Severe Neglect;

In August 2017, Pasado’s Safe Haven responded to a case of three dogs found starved and neglected. Fausto, Azura and Mikie were severely underweight and malnourished upon rescue. Both Fausto and Azura had open sores from months of laying in their own excrement and were suffering from cherry eye, a condition which severely reduced their vision. They were so underweight that their ribs and hip bones sharply protruded through their delicate skin. Fausto was also in extreme pain due to an untreated abdominal blockage, which had to be surgically removed.

Once rescued and at our sanctuary, all three dogs were provided immediate medical attention and a safe and loving place to recover. Fausto, weighing only 90 lbs at rescue, slowly regained his weight to a healthy 143 lbs. Over time their personalities began to emerge and our caretakers quickly learned how full of life they are despite their suffering. All three dogs have made a full recovery.

We are happy to report that the owner was found guilty of 2nd degree animal cruelty by the Lewis County Superior Court in Washington State. The trial lasted two days with a 12 person jury and over five hours of deliberation. Animal cruelty cases rarely go to trial, so this was a unique case. We are grateful that Judge O’Rourke and Prosecutor Masiello, took the actions necessary to uphold our animal cruelty laws.

Azura, Mikie and Fausto have each since found loving homes! If you are interested in learning more about adopting or fostering, fill out an application today.


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