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Bernard Rescued from Domestic Violence

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Bernard Rescued from Domestic Violence;

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued Bernard from a case involving domestic violence. His owner wanted to make sure he stayed safe during a messy breakup. When we rescued Bernard and brought him to our sanctuary, we quickly learned he was in a lot of pain due to his severe obesity. The excess skin and fat on his face was covering his eyes, making him functionally blind. He was also suffering from severely overgrown hooves that made it difficult and painful for him to walk or stand.

Our team of caregivers and vet staff have been working hard with Bernard on his weight loss and recovery, focusing on daily exercise and administering SCENAR, and electromagnetic therapy that promotes blood flow and healing.

We have also introduced Bernard to Oliver, a sweet baby rescue pig who is helping lift Bernard’s spirits and motivating him to stay active. The two have formed a unique bond, and are often found napping together side by side.

Bernard’s progress continues to improve and he has lost 30 pounds already! Once he loses an additional 20 pounds, our vet team will access if he is a candidate for plastic surgery to remove excess skin on his body and face, hopefully allowing him to regain his sight.

Bernard has been through so much already and deserves nothing but the best care and love. Learn more about our efforts to end animal suffering and fostering and adoption.


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