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255 Dogs Saved From Puppy Mill

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255 Dogs Saved From Puppy Mill:

On September 13, 2018, Pasado’s Safe Haven supported American Humane with a 255 puppy mill rescue from two illegal puppy mill operations in Stevens County, Washington. Both rescues are now part of active animal cruelty cases.

The dogs were understandably frightened and many of them need ongoing medical attention. Their bodies were exhausted from having multiple litters, and many had eye infections and painful, rotting teeth.

As soon as the dogs were released from police custody, we helped facilitate transportation and additional rescue partners throughout Western Washington. Pasado’s Safe Haven welcomed 51 of these sweet survivors to our sanctuary.

Our staff and volunteers worked around the clock to provide the medical attention and care that these dogs needed. In addition, many of these dogs had more extensive medical needs including eye infections and dental issues. Pasado’s Safe Haven has performed 20 spay/neuters so these dogs can be adopted and start new lives.


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