100 Cats and Dogs Rescued in New Jersey

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Pasado’s Safe Haven recently assisted over 100 cats and dogs found in deplorable conditions in New Jersey as part of American Humane Association’s Red Star team.

kim-in-nj-with-ahaMarch 2015 – Pasado’s Safe Haven’s Director of Investigations and Rescue Operations deployed to Helmetta, New Jersey as part of the American Humane Association’s renowned Red Star® Animal Emergency Services team to help with a large scale removal of cats and dogs from deplorable conditions.

The Red Star team is helping at the request of the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJSPCA) to help animals in need following the voluntary receivership of a shelter in Helmetta, New Jersey.

“I am very grateful to be a part of this rescue.” said Koon. “It is an honor to a part of the Red Star team.” concluded Koon. Koon expects to remain in New Jersey helping with the effort for a week.

More than 100 cats and dogs were found in deplorable conditions and the local borough council approved a temporary takeover of the shelter following alarming reports of conditions at the shelter. The animal shelter was quarantined for adoptions after the local health department found unsanitary conditions. A recent letter from the SPCA to town officials leveled serious allegations against the shelter, saying, “Simple matters such as who has access to the facility, the lack of cleaning of cages, basic feeding, the co-mingling of sick and healthy animals, insufficient veterinary care, the lack of disease control protocols, the majority of the animals thin or emaciated, the need for emergency vet care of some severely sick animals, are all of a very disturbing nature and require immediate action.”

“It’s a very serious situation,” said American Humane Association National Director of Humane Intervention & Emergency Services Justin Scally. “These animals need rehabilitation and medical care, and the way this shelter operates needs to be overhauled. We’re just glad to get our Red Star team here so we can begin helping these animals, and make changes to how the shelter is run in hopes of benefiting hundreds, if not thousands, of animals in the future.”

Koon and several other Pasado’s Safe Haven employees have been certified to take part in large scale national rescues through the American Humane Association’s Red Star team. “When this many animals need help at once it is critical to get the right team of experienced professionals together quickly” said Laura Henderson, Executive Director of Pasado’s Safe Haven. “The Red Star Team has decades of experience doing this and we are proud to be part of this effort” concluded Henderson.


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