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Report Animal Cruelty

Report Animal Cruelty

DSC_0041Animal cruelty is a crime. If you witness an animal being abused or neglected, the most important action you can take is to report the animal cruelty to your local law enforcement agency. By doing so you are not only helping the animal, you are helping your community; people who commit crimes against animals are five times more likely to be involved in domestic violence, fighting and drugs.


Call 911 immediately: Your call may save a life. It is possible to remain anonymous if necessary.

Document with photos/videos if possible: Video and photography can be extremely useful in investigating and prosecuting crimes against animals. It is very helpful if your camera records a time and date stamp on each photo. Only attempt to document with photos or video if you can do so safely and legally.

Record a written log: Keep a written log of any incidents you witness with the date and time clearly noted. This can be especially important for ongoing issues. Record each time you have contacted authorities asking them to respond and the outcome. Be clear, factual and unemotional in your reports. If you know of any other people who have witnessed the crime, ask them to also call the authorities and write a report of what they have witnessed.

If authorities do not respond to your calls, or if you have questions regarding how best to report a crime, Pasado’s Safe Haven can help. Please complete the form below, which will automatically be forwarded to our Cruelty & Investigations Department.

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