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Get The Facts

Get The Facts

Those of us who love animals and share our lives with one (or more!) know that they experience joy and happiness as well as loneliness and fear.  So we do our best to make our animal friends feel comfortable, safe and loved. We want the very best for them!

We know that, like people, animals develop friendships and have deep bonds with their family members (both human and furry!). Mothers protect and care for their young, and siblings play and enjoy making new friends. These are natural bonds that we humans support and take great delight in.

However, today in our society there are billions of animals who – simply because of their species – are denied the same love, compassion and protection enjoyed by our companion animals.   If there’s something about this that seems wrong to you, we hope you’ll take the time to read more. These animals have no voice except for yours and are counting on us humans to help stop their suffering.

Animals Used for Food

Chickens, pigs, cows and turkeys are the species most used for food in western society today. And while these animals’ physical and emotional experiences are in most ways no different than our dogs’ and cats’, the treatment they are forced to endure is worlds apart. Learn more about animals used for food here.

Animals Used for Clothing

Cows, lambs, foxes, sheep, geese and even dogs and cats are systematically abused for their skins, fleece, fur or feathers. These animals are afforded little to no protection from abuse – and their suffering is completely preventable. Learn more about animals used for clothing and what you can do to help them here.

Animals Used For Entertainment

Many species of animals are used to entertain humans in one form or another – from circuses to dog-fighting. While many of these forms of “entertainment” can seem harmless, there are hidden horrors taking place behind the scenes.  And others of them, like fighting rings are downright brutal. Learn what you can do to prevent this type of animal cruelty here.

Animals Used For Testing

Relying on animal research and testing to improve human health has repeatedly been proven to be unnecessary.  Not only is it often unsafe, but also expensive, time-consuming, unreliable and incredibly cruel to the animals being subjected to the painful tests and procedures.  Learn why animal testing doesn’t work and what you can do to stop it here.

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