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Pigs Used For Meat

Pigs Used For Meat

Pigs are highly intelligent animals. However, pigs living on factory farms  are denied any semblance of a normal life.  Pigs used for breeding are impregnated continuously throughout their lives. While pregnant, they are often confined to “gestation crates”—pens so small they cannot turn around or lie down comfortably.

When ready to give birth, they are moved to pens that force them to lie on their sides; they can’t stand up, turn around, or meaningfully interact with their babies. Their piglets are forced to wean prematurely, and then they themselves are raised  and killed at only six months of age so that people can eat pork and bacon.  Once their babies are taken away, the mothers are returned to gestation crates where the process is begun again.

  • Breeding pigs often live their entire lives confined to narrow cages that are only slightly larger than their bodies; they can only stand up or lie down – they can’t even turn around.
  • Because of the intense boredom, frustration and isolation they endure, breeding pigs display abnormal, neurotic behaviors such as repetitive biting of the crates’ bars.
  • Piglets are weaned from their mothers prematurely. They have their tails cut off, their ears “notched” and their teeth cut with pliers, all without pain killers. Males are also castrated by knife, without pain medication or anesthesia.
  • Pigs spend their short, painful lives crowded in group pens with concrete floors and metal bars, living in their own waste and are killed for their flesh when they are still babies – at six months. Their natural lifespan would be 12-15 years.
  • By the time a pig used for breeding is sent to slaughter she has birthed over 60 babies – all of whom were taken away from her.
What to do now that you know?

The single biggest thing you can do to stop their suffering is to join the millions of other compassionate people who are chosing to reduce or eliminate meat from their diets. For suggestions and ideas please visit our Living Cruelty Free page.

Mother in cage
Mother in cage © Mercy For Animals
Caged mother and babies
Caged mother and babies © Mercy For Animals
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