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Cows Used For Meat

Cows Used For Meat

Cows raised to be eaten as beef start their lives by being forcibly taken from their mothers immediately after birth.  Then they are dehorned, castrated and branded, all without any pain killers. Once their weight is considered sufficient, cows are transferred to crowded feedlots where they live in their own feces.  These animals are slaughtered by being hung upside down shackled by one back leg and having their throats slit. It is not uncommon for cows to be fully conscious while they are killed.

  • Cows used for beef are separated from their mothers at birth.
  • As babies they are castrated and dehorned without pain medication and spend their last few months in concrete feedlots living in their own waste.
  • Cows used for beef are slaughtered at just 18 months old – an age so young that many would still be nursing with their mothers (a natural lifespan of a cow is 20-25 years).
  • The process of killing these animals is motivated by speed and “efficiency” and as a result many are still conscious while workers begin to dismember their bodies.

What aboutfree range” or “grass fed”?

“Organic”, “grass fed” and “free-range” operations  labels do not tell you anything about the animals’ treatment. The animals usually suffer through the same mutilations—such as dehorning, and castration without painkillers—that occur on factory farms. And nearly all still endure crowded, manure-laden feedlots before slaughter.

What to do know that you know?

The single biggest thing you can do to stop the suffering of these animals is to join the millions of other compassionate people chosing to reduce or eliminate meat from their diet.  For suggestions and ideas please visit our Living Cruelty Free page.

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