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Chickens Used For Eggs

Chickens Used For Eggs

Chickens outperform dogs and cats on cognitive, behavioral, and emotional tests. Yet, on factory farms, these sensitive creatures spend their lives in small battery cages, comprised of areas smaller in size than a standard piece of paper, crowded in with at least four or five other hens.

The hens are forced to produce an unnatural number of eggs until their little bodies are no longer able to do so.  Then, at the young age of one or two years, they are slaughtered by unregulated practices.

  • Male chicks are considered useless to the egg industry (they can’t lay eggs) and are killed en masse by electrocution, gassing, suffocating or maceration (being ground up alive).
  • Female chicks used for eggs will have a large portion of her sensitive beak cut off without painkillers. As a result, many have severe difficulty eating and starve to death.
  • Chickens used for eggs are crammed so closely together in “battery cages” that these normally clean animals are forced to urinate and defecate on one another.
  • When their little bodies give out, hens are slaughtered at only 18 months. Their legs are forced into shackles, hung upside down and dragged through an electrified water bath (to immobilize them) and their throats are slit. They are fully conscious during this process.

What aboutfree range” or “cage free”?

“Free range” and “cage free” are largely marketing terms created by the egg industry. While these animals aren’t kept in cages, they are usually still kept in dark, ammonia filled sheds with no meaningful access to the outdoors and suffer the same painful debeaking and slaughter.

What to do now that you know?

The single biggest thing you can do to stop the suffering of these animals is to join the millions of other compassionate people who are chosing to reduce or eliminate eggs from their diet.  For suggestions and ideas please visit our Living Cruelty Free page.

Forced to live with rotting carcass
Forced to live with rotting carcass © Mercy For Animals
Dying hen
Dying hen © Mercy For Animals
Chicks being ground alive
Chicks being ground alive
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