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CARE Camp Days

CARE Camp Days

Do the kids need a place to go during Spring or Summer Break? Bring them out to the sanctuary for a full day of learning about animals, special projects, and fun!

Campers will receive a guided tour of our 85-acre sanctuary where they will have the opportunity to meet some of our charming animal residents and learn about their rescue stories.  In addition to getting to know the animals, campers will participate in engaging lesson plans and hands on projects.

CARE Camp Days are organized into two separate lessons that can be registered for based on your child’s age. Youth, ages 6 to 10, will get to learn about the fun and individual personalities that all animals have while also focusing on the important responsibility of owning animal companions.  Youth, ages 11 to 14, will get to dive deeper into the aspects of animal rescue and how they can make a difference.

Check out our Event Calendar to sign up for upcoming CARE Camp Days!

What Teachers Say

“As part of our camp, we brought 20 families to visit Pasado’s Safe Haven, and do some volunteering work while we were there.  Brenna had everything prepared as we arrived, so the kids could go straight into working to help the animals! They were super engaged (including the little ones!), and developed quite a lot of compassion for the animals, as we heard Brenna’s stories about them. They were comforted to see how Pasado’s caretakers have helped many animals so far, and felt inspired to help more! I highly recommend you check out  Pasado’s Safe Haven, and learn to love their animals and the work they do, like we did!” – Camp Kindness Counts Teacher

“Our troop of 21 5 th  grade Girl Scouts really enjoyed our visit with Pasado Safe Haven residents and staff.  The girls said it was one of their all time favorite outings.   Our host, Brenna, did a great job educating our troop about Pasado Safe Haven’s mission and the terrific services and resources they provide to animals in need in our community.  We left inspired to support Pasado and do our part to ensure all animals are treated with compassion.” – Girl Scout Troop Leader

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