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Turkeys Used For Meat

Turkeys Used For Meat

Turkeys on factory farms are packed by the thousands into dark sheds with no more than 3.5 square feet of space per bird. They likely will never see the sun or engage in any natural behaviors.  They are slaughtered through unregulated practices.

  • Turkeys used for their meat are packed into huge, ammonia filled warehouses with tens of thousands of other birds and their beaks and parts of their toes are cut off without any pain medication.
  • Turkeys used for food are just babies (around five months old) when they are killed. 
  • The slaughter of birds is unregulated. Their little feet are thrust into shackles and hung upside down so they can be dragged across a mechanized saw that cuts their throats. They are fully conscious during this terrifying and painful process.

What about “free range” or organic?

“Free range” birds are still confined to large, dark sheds with tens of thousands of other birds. Organically raised birds on many farms suffer from higher mortality rates than drugged chickens because extremely crowded, filthy housing conditions, coupled with a lack of antibiotics can lead to even more parasites than are already found in drugged chickens.

What to do now that you know?

The single biggest thing you can do to stop this suffering is to join millions of other compassionate people who are chosing to reduce or eliminate meat from their diets. For suggestions and ideas please visit our Living Cruelty Free page.

Sick turkey
Sick turkey © Mercy For Animals
Injured bird
Injured bird
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