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Animals Used For Food

Animals Used For Food

Research has proven that all animals experience a range of emotions and feelings, from joy and happiness to fear and pain.  We know that animals have the capacity to suffer.  And yet, every year billions of animals suffer intensely, hidden behind closed doors as part of our food production system.  They are kept confined in tiny cages, afraid and alone. Babies are taken from their mothers and killed at very young ages. And painful mutilations are performed on them when they are just just days or weeks old, without anesthesia.

Most people are shocked to learn about this sad reality. This is because the powerful agriculture industry spends a lot of money to keep consumers in the dark; they market “happy cows” and feature ads with dancing chickens.  They know that if people knew the truth behind the real lives of these animals, they would not want any part of it.

We hope you’ll take a moment to get the real facts.  The animals are counting on us humans to be informed consumers to stop their suffering.


Cows are intelligent, gentle beings who enjoy complex social lives. In a natural setting, cows would form strong family bonds and lifelong friendships with one another, care for their young and look out for older and weaker members of their herd, and live in groups with established social hierarchies. Get the facts about cows used for dairy and meat.


Pigs are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Many studies place them fourth in overall intelligence; following humans, primates and dolphins. In their natural environment pigs forage for hours per day and wallow regularly. They “nest” with others, and snuggle together while resting. Pigs live as families and nurse their young for several months, and they often make friendships that last lifetimes. Learn about pigs raised for meat and what you can do to help end their suffering here.


Chickens are silly, creative and intelligent. In natural settings, these very social creatures nurture their eggs and care for their young. Mother chickens even talk to their babies while still in the egg.  To keep clean and parasite free they dust bathe daily. Chickens like to stretch, preen their feathers, flap their wings, and move around freely. But sadly, chickens used for eggs and meat are not allowed to do any of the things that come so naturally to them.


Like chickens, turkeys are also intelligent and sensitive animals. They enjoy having their feathers stroked and will “sing” along to music. They recognize each other by their unique voices and they nurture their eggs and care for their young like any doting parent. Get the facts – learn about turkeys raised for meat here.

Ducks & Geese

Ducks and geese are intelligent and sensitive animals who enjoy swimming, bathing and having their feathers stroked. Like all parents they care deeply for the babies and will go to great lengths to protect them. Learn what you can do to help ducks and geese here.

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