As an Animal Care Intern you will work side-by-side our experienced caregivers and veterinarians learning techniques and proper care methods for the special needs of our rescued animals. Pasado’s Safe Haven offers an in-depth look at the many layers that are involved in animal sanctuaries including the rescue and welfare of its residents and how adopting a vegan diet can help save animals and the environment.

It is hard work.  But it’s enormously fulfilling work, too. By the completion of your internship, you will have extended your comfort level with medicating animals, learning proper animal nutrition, cleaning and sanitizing enclosures, and knowing the satisfaction of gaining the trust of un-socialized and abused animals. The program will provide you with a lifetime of memories and you can feel accomplished knowing that you’ve made a difference to these animals that have been through so much. Learn more about our Animal Care Internship program here.


As a Communications Intern you will gain valuable experience in social media, web and print graphic design, drafting press releases and other organizational communications, attending outreach events and building media relations.

Proficiency in several of these categories is desirable. Approximate time requirements are 5-10 hours per week with a minimum six week commitment. Please submit your resume and availability here.


This internship will assist our Director of Homeless Prevention Initiatives in project management and development for one or more programs in support of homeless prevention.  Programs include high-volume Spay/Neuter clinics and Pet Food Banks.  Intern program can be tailored to candidate’s specific interests. For a full description please click here.

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