To give a rescue horse a loving home is one of the most selfless and compassionate acts! With each animal who is adopted into a loving family, Pasado’s Safe Haven is able to rescue another. View their profiles below and see if your next family member is waiting for you at Pasado’s Safe Haven. When you are ready to take the next step, click the “Adopt” or “Foster” buttons.

NOTE: With the very rare exception of medical concerns, all adopted male horses will be gelded and all horses are given a health check.


AGE: 25 years old                                                SEX: Female

BREED: Paint/Pinto Tennessee Walker       SIZE:  15hh

Annie is the kindest of creatures. She was named Annie after Little Orphan Annie. A special girl who even in her later years is still building her confidence. She was dumped in a pasture by her original guardians; abandoned, frightened, and exhibiting signs of past violence as she sprinted away from raised hands.

Through everything, Annie perseveres. She tries hard to trust people, loves her horse friends, and remains positive through her daily cancer care. Annie is sure to win the hearts of all she meets.

She is a Paint/Tennessee Walker cross mare with a beautiful face and liquid brown eyes. Due to her age and medical conditions Annie is not a good candidate for adoption but you can contribute to her care by becoming a sponsor. Visit to learn more.



AGE: 22 years old                                     SEX: Female

BREED: Paso Fino Peruvian Paso       SIZE:  14hh

Lola is full of spunk and sass! If you are an experienced handler looking for a horse with a big personality, look no further. She loves attention but her caretakers also describe her as strong-willed and intuitive. Lola was extensively ridden as a trail and mountain horse, but is now searching for a more leisurely lifestyle due to her medical needs. Complete an adoption questionnaire today if you can give Lola everything she’s been waiting for!



AGE: 15 years old                   SEX: Female

BREED: Thoroughbred       SIZE:  16.2hh

Summer proves that a horse has value past the riding days. Improper feeding and starvation caused Summer to come to the sanctuary completely emaciated and in need of immediate medical care. After rehabilitation, she is now a stunning, thoroughbred mare who is loving this next phase of her life.

She may have physical limitations but she still loves to have a job, such as being a therapy horse as part of an Equine Facilitated Learning program. She is people-oriented and has a kind, calming energy. Although her activity level needs to be minimalized, turnout is essential for her emotional well-being.

Summer requires extra hay and mash to keep her weight up in winter, has arthritis and bowing in both knees, and was diagnosed with EPM (Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis). Her neurologic symptoms of EPM have improved with treatment, but she could relapse if treatment is not continued.

Summer has a huge capacity to love, as shown through her relationship with handlers and her pasture mate – but sadly, she is not a good candidate for adoption due to her medical needs. Instead of adopting, please consider becoming a sponsor to contribute towards her care. Visit to learn more.


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