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Foster an Animal

Foster an Animal


When you foster, you not only save the animal you bring home. You also save the one who can take their place at the sanctuary.


We work with fosters individually to place them with appropriate animals who match both their lifestyle and the time commitment they are comfortable with. We have several different foster program options you can choose to be part of:

NEONATAL – Animals chosen for this program can be nursing moms with babies, weaned kittens/puppies who need a safe place to grow until they are ready for spay/neuter surgeries, and bottle babies. We typically ask that fosters keep kittens/puppies until they are big enough for spay/neuter surgeries – depending on age this could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.

ADOPTION AGENT – Participating in our Adoption Agent foster program means you are caring for a dog or cat who is ready for adoption. By allowing one of these animals into your home, you can provide him/her with the training needed for a smoother transition into their furever home, while also providing us with important information on the animal’s behavior that will help us find the right home. We typically ask you keep the animal until they are adopted but are flexible on time frames if you need a shorter commitment.

WELLNESS: MEDICAL – The majority of our dogs and cats come from cases of cruelty or neglect. This often means there are medical concerns we need to address prior to adoption. Animals can also be placed in “hospice foster” when medical care is more extensive than an average adopter can take on. We provide all food and medicine required for the animal, as well as provide routine vet checks. Wellness: Medical fosters will need to transport their fostered animal to and from the sanctuary for any medical appointments.

WELLNESS: BEHAVIOR – If you have experience working with dogs who have behavior issues or need extra training, we need you! Because the majority of our dogs and cats come from cruelty cases, they aren’t always sure humans are a good thing. We see animals who are fearful and avoid contact, animals who are fearful and show aggression as a result, and animals who could simply benefit from extra support before moving into their furever home. An experienced foster home can make all the difference for these animals.

PAWS IN PROTECTION – Pasado’s Safe Haven is actively involved in the cases against those who have harmed animals – meaning some of our dogs and cats are held as “evidence” prior to being released for adoption. These animals are not on the website, nor can they be promoted or have their case spoken of to the public. However, there are times these animals can be placed in “evidence foster” to allow a more comfortable healing environment. We have more extensive requirements for this program and you’d be required to submit reports on the animal’s weight, behavior, etc for use in the case. This makes this form of fostering a larger commitment – but extremely rewarding as you are this animal’s first safe haven.

DOG’S DAY OUT – Our field trip/sleepover foster program allows dogs a break from the sanctuary, a chance to decompress in a home, and the opportunity to be seen by potential adopters. Whether you’re just looking for a day-hike buddy or a couch snuggler for the weekend, we can help. We’ll send you off with a “go-bag” of supplies (poo-bags, emergency contacts, “adopt me” harness or leash, information on the animal to distribute if someone inquiries about adoption, etc.) and ask that you share any photos/videos with us for placement promotions. *You must be an active volunteer to participate in this program.

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