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Farm Animal Adoption

Farm Animal Adoption

If you are looking to give a farmed animal a safe, loving, forever home you are in the right place. With each animal who is adopted into a loving family, Pasado’s Safe Haven is able to rescue another. View their profiles below and see if your next family member is waiting for you at Pasado’s Safe Haven. When you are ready to take the next step, click the “Adopt” or “Foster” buttons.

NOTE: With the very rare exception of medical concerns, all animals will be spayed/neutered/castrated and given a health check prior to being adopted. Please check the ‘Adoption Process’ page for adoption fees.


BREED: Saanen Boer Goat      SEX: Male

Amos is a super handsome, healthy, extra large goat! He has a strong, spunky attitude and gets along great with his other ruminant friends. Amos can be a bit of a trouble maker when you first meet him and needs to be with an experienced goat-handler, but you’ll develop a great understanding with him the more time you spend with him. It helps  that he’ll will do just about anything for the right treat (usually goat snax!).

If Amos looks like your newest family member fill out an adoption questionnaire today!


BREED: Potbelly Pig      SEX: Male

Meet Bernard – Bernard was living under a desk, in a barn and eating things not appropriate for a pig when rescue arrived. He was nearly unresponsive and severely overweight, with limited ability to walk. He also went blind from the fat rolls permanently covering his eyes. Fast forward to one year later and Bernard is now at his target weight (though still with very limited vision)!

Bernard can be a grumpy elder who likes things on his terms and spends most of the day sleeping – though he loves a good sun beam in the yard on a beautiful day. His Caregiver says,

“I love how he snores so loud, you can almost hear him from outside the barn.  He is patient while his face is cleaned and although he doesn’t make it obvious, I think he likes the warm washcloth face cleaning a lot – especially is he is out laying in the sun.  It’s kind of a nice bonding thing to do.”

You can learn more about Bernard and his rescue story here.

Billy Bob

BREED: LaMancha Goat       SEX: Male

Billy Bob is a rambunctious goat who is looking for friends ready to play! Although he’s smaller than some of our other boys, he’s always right in the middle of the action. Billy Bob has made an incredible transition since arriving at Pasado’s Safe Haven. His Caregiver says, “his way of recovering and learning to trust us is one of the most drastic changes I have seen in my time here.”

Now that Billy Bob has figured out how amazing life is, he needs a home that can provide him with all the attention and activity he desires.

Bobby & Coco

BREED: La Mancha Goats      SEX: Male and Female

Want a helper goat? Bobby’s got you covered. Whether it’s jumping in the wheelbarrows while the Caregivers clean shavings, or jumping in the Kabota while we deliver things around the farm – Bobby wants to be in on the action!

Cocoa is equally as entertaining! Her Caregiver says, “Cocoa loves to talk! She talks to me everyday and at any time of the day. She has a lot to say and needs to make sure you hear her. I will often talk back to her and it’s like we have an entire conversation with each other.”

LaMancha goats are known for being spunky and that is such an endearing characteristic for these two. Anyone who adopts them will be taken away by their spunky charm.


BREED: Potbelly Pig      SEX: Male

Boris is an extremely sweet pig who enjoys the simple things in life: belly rubs, laying in the sun, rooting in the dirt, and eating snacks. Boris is nice to every animal and person he meets! Boris is even great with children – he is always so gentle with them during tours and camps. Then, when it’s time for dinner, Boris runs to his stall and patiently waits for you to bring him his bowl.

When his Caregiver was asked to describe something unique or endearing about Boris, she said “Though he is chunky, Boris is a dainty boy. He tip toes around his yard and tries extra hard not to knock into things. We had to teach him that it was okay to go into the mud to wallow.”

Boris is so people oriented that he waits at his gate for visitors to come in and see him… perhaps he is waiting for you?

Charlie & Elmo

BREED: Potbelly Pigs     SEX: Males

Charlie and Elmo are pigs with big personalities who prove that opposites attract. Charlie loves being inside on a comfortable bed while Elmo loves walking, running and rooting. They are both harness trained, though Charlie won’t walk far. These best friends have bonded over medical ailments. Charlie is an elderly pig with arthritis and Elmo is battling MRSA and allergies – one of them being mites that live in hay; so he will never be able to live in a barn with other animals if there is hay.

Their caregiver says, “They are quite an oddball pair but they really do love each other. It’s quite evident when they go to bed and are always snuggled up as close as they can get. Sometimes at night I catch Elmo tucking Charlie in (but I don’t know if he wants people to know that — he may lose some street cred!).”

Elmo is going to struggle with health issues his whole life but he is so worth it. Both he and Charlie love people and are sure to make excellent companions to someone.

Cows! Journey, June, Peaches and Tonka

BREED: Various      SEX: Moms and Sons

This special herd will forever hold a place in the hearts’ of those at Pasado’s Safe Haven, but Peaches, Journey, June and Tonka are ready for their forever homes.

Peaches was rescued from a dairy that was going to send her to auction while pregnant – until Pasado’s stepped in and rescued her. Less than two days later, we welcomed baby Journey into the world. On that day, we made Peaches and Journey a promise that they could always stay together. As Journey grew, it was clear he needed a playmate and momma needed a break. So in walked June and Tonka! June and Tonka were being sold for beef when Pasado’s Safe Haven stepped in to rescue them – June and Peaches have been inseparable ever since.

When a Caregiver was asked what their ideal home would look like, she said: “A home that knows they expect produce, birthday parties and baked goods at all times.”

We’ve spent the past year spoiling these cows with all the finer things in life. Can you take over for us and continue showing them how amazing life is?


BREED: Pig      SEX: Female

Heart is a large, beautiful pig. She loves to be around people and is well-behaved. She may get along with other large, docile pigs, but with a good amount of socialization from her humans caregivers, she may do well as a single pig as well. Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued her from neglect – her feet were particularly neglected and required specific care. Today, her feet are healing well and shouldn’t cause many more problems for this sweet girl. If Heart is the girl for you, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!


BREED: Alpine Mix Goat     SEX: Male

Joshua is perfect other than one thing; he was born male. He is one of 38 baby goats rescued from the dairy industry because they would have been killed at just days old as a “by-product” of milk production. Now these boys are living happy, healthy lives.

Joshua will do best in a yard with lots of things to jump on, and with another goat to play with. He can always be found romping around the yard with his friends, or right at the fence line waiting for pets as his people approach.

He is a special goat who is sure to make you smile every day. If you would like to adopt Joshua or his friends, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!

Larry, Curly & Moe

BREED: Alpaca      SEX: Males

Larry, Curly and Moe are a bonded alpaca trio who brighten up everyone’s day with their sweet faces! They were shy around people when they were first rescued but now they’re generally curios and spunky! They are available for adoption to an experienced alpaca handler as Curly can sometimes be a bit of a trouble maker. If Larry, Curly and Moe look like the the alpaca family you’ve been hoping for fill out an adoption application today!

Lucy & Ethel

BREED: Pig      SEX: Females

Lucy and Ethel are almost 700 pounds of pure fabulous-ness (each!). Lucy and Ethel are bonded and love each other very much. Ethel LOVES belly rubs, but Lucy can still be a little nervous around people. It’s easy to bond with Lucy as long as you bring treats! Lucy loves blackberries so you are sure to be her friend if you give her a blackberry treat. These girls have so much personality, curiosity and love and will make the most wonderful companion pets to a loving family!

Nanni & Noodles

BREED: Pig       SEX: Females

Nanni and Noodles were rescued from a backyard butcher. They will be 160-200lbs when fully grown. Nanni and Noodles are very friendly with people but are not recommended for a home with other pigs. Nanni loves belly rubs and playing in water (mud), while her sister munches on treats. Complete a questionnaire today!


BREED: Potbelly Pig       SEX: Male

Oliver (or “Ollie”) is very active and inquisitive, he loves to explore and play with treat puzzles and toys. He will do almost anything for a treat – which should make him very easy to train! Whenever you walk by the pig yard, Ollie will “talk” to you. If you say something to him he will oink back in response. How cute is that?!

Oliver has been lucky enough to do some recent traveling – making everyone’s day at the Microsoft offices. Everyone falls immediately in love with his quirky personality! Oliver can spends hours there, greeting everyone, without even laying down to rest, because he just wants to engage with people.

Consider adopting Oliver to your family today!


BREED: Boer Goat      SEX: Female

Piglet is extra wide and full of pride! She likes all of her goat friends, but tends to stick with the smaller girls most often. Because her stomach is so large, she does have some mobility issues but doesn’t seem bothered by it. She can still put the other goats in their place when needed! Piglet has adjusted beautifully to life at the sanctuary – the only thing she needs now is someone to show her how great a home can be.


BREED: Pig      SEX: Female

Poppy made the long journey to the sanctuary from Oregon with her sisters Rose and Sweetpear – originally part of the PNW 250 Pig Rescue. These three girls stick together – if one pig wants to do something, they all have to do it! But they have their own quirks and endearing qualities. These three girls show us everyday just how strong they are by overcoming their sad history and continuing to trust and enjoy people. Can you give Poppy a home where she can continue to grow?


BREED: Pig      SEX: Female

Rose made the long journey to the sanctuary from Oregon with her sisters Poppy and Sweetpea – originally being part of the PNW 250 Pig Rescue. These three girls stick together – if one pig wants to do something, they all have to do it! But they have their own quirks and endearing qualities. Rose is the gentle giant of the bunch (and a couch potato). Rose especially likes to lay in the mud wallows while supervising the little guys. These three girls show us everyday just how strong they are by overcoming their sad history and continuing to trust and enjoy people. Can you give Rose a home where she can continue to grow?


BREED: Pig       SEX: Female

Ruby is a gorgeous 500+ lb pig. Ruby loves people and will follow you around the yard when you come to visit her. She also loves belly rubs and is well-socialized. She gets along well with other big pigs. If she sounds like the pig for you, complete a questionnaire today!

Sophia & Robin

BREED: Boar Goat       SEX: Female

These girls are so bonded they even sleep wrapped up together! Sophia is the more adventurous and playful one of the pair. She likes to play with the boys and be the first one in at night. Robin is much more laid back and prefers to hang out and relax. She is always there waiting to cuddle with Sophia after she’s done playing around.

Robin and Sophia were rescued from the dairy industry – because they were “favorites” they were surrendered to a rescue instead of being sent to slaughter like all the other. They LOVE living the good life at the sanctuary. They spend so much time out in the grass relaxing that you can tell they never had much opportunity to do this in their previous life. Can you continue showing them the good life?


BREED: Pig       SEX: Female

Sweetpea made the long journey to the sanctuary from Oregon with her sisters Poppy and Rose – originally being part of the PNW 250 Pig Rescue. These three girls stick together – if one pig wants to do something, they all have to do it! But they have their own quirks and endearing qualities: Sweetpea’s ears flap in the wind when she runs and it’s THE cutest thing. These three girls show us everyday just how strong they are by overcoming their sad history and continuing to trust and enjoy people. Can you give Sweetpea a home where she can continue to grow?


BREED: Pig      SEX: Female

Violet is a happy potbelly who loves attention! When she sees her caregivers coming up to the yard, she will RUN as fast as she can, even if that means sprinting up from the bottom of the yard! In fact, she even has races with one of our Caregivers — running up and down the yard together.

Violet is very people oriented – she likes to be where her people and to be included in whatever you are doing. Violet is very smart and would be an excellent pig to teach tricks or harness training (she has already done a bit of this). She just wants to please!

Her Caregiver says, “I always really enjoy having her around because she’s so interactive. When we put down new shavings or hay, Violet does this cute little excited dance and then throws herself into the pile.”


BREED: Pygmy/Cashmere Goat      SEX: Female

Whoopi is a smaller, spunky pygmy/cashmere goat cross. She came to the sanctuary after she was found as a stray by a local police department. She has done well in a herd, particularly when she has other ruminants who enjoy her playful energy. She will come right up to visitors for food (especially if they have bananas or saltines, her favorite treats!) but typically prefers to be on her own. If you have room in your pasture and in your heart for this special girl, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!

Woody and Rocky

BREED: Nubian Goats      SEX: Males

If you are looking for goats who truly want to be your companion – Rocky and Woody and your goats! These two CRAVE attention from humans and even run to the gate when they see their humans approaching. Their Caregiver says,

These boys absolutely love being around people. They follow me all over the yard and stand by the gate to cry when I leave. Even if I walk them over to a bunch of blackberries, they run after me when I walk away. These two also talk all the time. I’m never sure if they are talking to each other or if they think I understand goat! It’s almost like having a dog get super excited when you walk through the door, but goats that will cheer your presence. It’s rather adorable how much they seem to love people.”


BREED: Goat      SEX: Female

Zahara is a laid back, curious, sweet girl whose favorite thing is to relax in the sunshine! On nice evenings, she will be the last one to come into the barn for dinner. Some of the rowdy boys can push her around – so she’d do best in a home with more mellow goats who match her temperament.

Our Ruminant Caregiver says her favorite thing about Zahara is, “how nice she is to the other goats and how she’s always there to be a friend and show them that the world isn’t so scary.”

Can you be a friend to Zahara?

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