If you are looking to give a farmed animal a safe, loving, forever home you are in the right place. With each animal who is adopted into a loving family, Pasado’s Safe Haven is able to rescue another. View their profiles below and see if your next family member is waiting for you at Pasado’s Safe Haven. When you are ready to take the next step, click the “Adopt” or “Foster” buttons.

NOTE: With the very rare exception of medical concerns, all animals will be spayed/neutered/castrated and given a health check prior to being adopted.


BREED: Goat      SEX: Male

If you can’t tell by his photos, Alexander LOVES people! He enjoys being scratched but is also happy to do his share of the work – stand there and he’ll gently rub against you like a post. Alexander is a brave an curious goat – always the first of his herd to explore or lead the way to something new. He keeps his caregivers on their toes and is always there to provide a smile or laugh.


BREED: Saanen Boer, Goat      SEX: Male

Amos is a super handsome, healthy, extra large goat! He has a strong, spunky attitude and gets along great with his other ruminant friends. Amos can be a bit of a trouble maker when you first meet him and needs to be with an experienced goat-handler, but you’ll develop a great understanding with him the more time you spend with him. It helps  that he’ll will do just about anything for the right treat (usually goat snax!).

If Amos looks like your newest family member fill out an adoption questionnaire today!

Augustus & Veruca – Adoption Pending

BREED: Pigs      SEX: 1 Male, 1 Female

Augustus is a sweet, gentle guy who loves snacks almost as much as he’ll love you. He is house trained and would do very well as an indoor-outdoor pig. In his past home, Augustus was dominant over his larger pig brother – but at the sanctuary, he shares his yard with 3 small piglets and 2 other potbellies (and lets them completely run the show!). He’s even bonded to one of them, Veruca. Together these two pigs are ready to take on the world!


BREED: Goat      SEX: Male

Benjamin first came to Pasado’s Safe Haven at just days old, rescued from the dairy industry. He was adopted into a loving home with his friends Alexander, Sasha and Nigel. Sadly all were recently returned due to no fault of their own. It’s obvious they were well cared for – Benjamin enjoys affection and being surrounded by people. He loves his friends (people and goat alike!) and is happy to play or just to snuggle.

Billy Bob & Zahara

BREED: Goats      SEX: 1 Male, 1 Female

Zahara is super social and enjoys meeting new goats. She’s very people friendly and vocal if she can see you and you aren’t visiting her – especially if it looks like you have crackers. Billy Bob may be a little timid with new people at first, but he is interested in playing with both his human friends and other goats. If this sounds like a pair for you, complete a questionnaire today!



BREED: Goat      SEX: Female

Blanche is lead instigator of the herd, especially when food is concerned. She loves playing with the boys and is the first one to let new goats know that she is the boss – but prefers to spend her afternoons enjoying the good life with the girls! Blanche loves humans, treats, and being scratched. She has a great attitude that will make her a wonderful companion for any home.

Bobby & Coco

BREED: Goats      SEX: 1 Male, 1 Female

Bobby and Coco are two young kids who love being around people.  If you run around the yard they will chase after you and make a game out of it. They love to jump on rocks, eat blackberries, and give nose kisses. Bobby is the more adventurous one – if he fits, he climbs in.


BREED: Goat      SEX: Female

Cookie loves playing with the other goats and will let her humans know when it’s time for rump scratches. She’s a sweet girl who is often found nuzzling her friends and will even sing you a song when she is relaxing/going to sleep. Give this girl a chance and complete an adoption questionnaire today!


BREED: Various      SEX: Female and Male

The cow herds at Pasado’s Safe Haven are currently in transition. Please check back soon if you’re considering adding a cow to your family!


BREED: Goat      SEX: Male

Dudley is a living example of why you should ditch dairy and choose compassion. Born male in the dairy industry, he would have been discarded of, deemed useless. Pasado’s Safe Haven took in him and 23 other recently-born bottle-baby males. Now he is grown, gentle, docile, and loves everyone he meets. He’s so personable that he spent several years acting as a sanctuary ambassador for tours and events – spreading his story and the story of so many others who weren’t as lucky.


BREED: Pig      SEX: Female

Heart is a large, beautiful pig. She loves to be around people and is well-behaved. She may get along with other large, docile pigs, but with a good amount of socialization from her humans caregivers, she may do well as a single pig as well. Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued her from neglect – her feet were particularly neglected and required specific care. Today, her feet are healing well and shouldn’t cause many more problems for this sweet girl. If Heart is the girl for you, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!

Helga, Ragnar and Rolo – Adoption Pending

BREED: Sheep      SEX: Females

Grab a bag of crackers and you’ll have three new best friends with these sheep! Ragnar (white) is the leader of the group – first to explore and say hi. Rolo and Helga (black) are shy, but they’ll forget all about that when offered a tasty treat. Give these three a chance today!

Hooper & Sylvester

BREED: Goats     SEX: 2 Males

Hooper (brown) and Sylvester (black) are a young and playful bonded pair. Hooper is normally the instigator – he gets Sylvester all excited and then they chase each other around with their hair up playing who’s the top goat. Hooper’s favorite place is high up on the play structure. Sylvester is more people curious, while Hooper is more of a goats’ goat – but both are friendly towards people.

The boys have been together since birth. Born male on a dairy farm, they were considered “by-products” and would have been killed just days after birth if Pasado’s hadn’t stepped in.

If you’d like to provide a space for Hooper and Sylvester to live out their days happy and at peace, contact us today!


BREED: Goat     SEX: Male

Joshua is perfect other than one thing; he was born male. He is one of 38 baby goats rescued from the dairy industry because they would have been killed at just days old as a “by-product” of milk production. Now these boys are living happy, healthy lives.

Joshua will do best in a yard with lots of things to jump on, and with another goat to play with. He can always be found romping around the yard with his friends, or right at the fence line waiting for pets as his people approach.

He is a special goat who is sure to make you smile every day. If you would like to adopt Joshua or his friends, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!

Larry, Curly, & Moe

BREED: Alpaca      SEX: 3 Males

Larry, Curly and Moe are a bonded alpaca trio who brighten up everyone’s day with their sweet faces! They were shy around people when they were first rescued but now they’re generally curios and spunky! They are available for adoption to an experienced alpaca handler as Curly can sometimes be a bit of a trouble maker. If Larry, Curly and Moe look like the the alpaca family you’ve been hoping for fill out an adoption application today!

Lucy & Ethel

BREED: Pig      SEX: 2 Females

Lucy and Ethel are almost 700 pounds of pure fabulous-ness (each!). Lucy and Ethel are bonded and love each other very much. Ethel LOVES belly rubs, but Lucy can still be a little nervous around people. It’s easy to bond with Lucy as long as you bring treats! Lucy loves blackberries so you are sure to be her friend if you give her a blackberry treat. These girls have so much personality, curiosity and love and will make the most wonderful companion pets to a loving family!

Mike & Josephine

BREED: Piglets      SEX: 1 Female, 1 Male

These little pigs were running lose as strays when Animal Control (AC) picked them up. They were found rooting up someone’s yard who thought their neighbor was raising them for meat – but no owner came to claim them and they were able to join our other potbelly residents at the sanctuary! Do you have room in your heart and yard for a piglet… or two?

Nanni & Noodles

BREED: Pig       SEX: 2 Females

Nanni and Noodles were rescued from a backyard butcher. They will be 160-200lbs when fully grown. Nanni and Noodles are very friendly with people but are not recommended for a home with other pigs. Nanni loves belly rubs and playing in water (mud), while her sister munches on treats. Complete a questionnaire today!

Nigel and Sasha

BREED: Goat       SEX: Males

Nigel is a three-legged wonder whose best friend is Sasha. Sasha is always looking out for Nigel. They love hanging out together and playing with all of the other goats. They are both social and want to spend time with their people.


BREED: Sheep      SEX: Male

Oscar is young with goofy energy. He does well with pretty much everyone (and species!) he meets – and is generally curious and friendly with all people. Adopt him today!


BREED: Goat      SEX: Female

Piglet is extra wide and full of pride! She likes all of her goat friends, but tends to stick with the smaller girls most often. Because her stomach is so large, she does have some mobility issues but doesn’t seem bothered by it. She can still put the other goats in their place when needed! Piglet has adjusted beautifully to life at the sanctuary – the only thing she needs now is someone to show her how great a home can be.


BREED: Pig       SEX: Female

Ruby is a gorgeous 500+ lb pig. Ruby loves people and will follow you around the yard when you come to visit her. She also loves belly rubs and is well-socialized. She gets along well with other big pigs. If she sounds like the pig for you, complete a questionnaire today!

Sophia and Robin

BREED: Goat       SEX: Female

These girls are so bonded they even sleep wrapped up together! Sophia will occasionally play with the boys and Robin prefers to stay with the other girls and relax. They have a great balance with Sophia being slightly more curious to Robin’s reserve. They are ready for a home of their own!


BREED: Pig      SEX: Female

Splash swam across a river to freedom – away from the backyard breeder and butcher who raised her as a breeding sow. Now, Splash is content to nap all day, follow visitors and caregivers around the yard, and roll over for belly rubs. She is a large Landrace mix pig and weighs about 700 pounds. Seeking out a cool, refreshing mud bath is one of her favorite things to do. She loves people and always seems to have a goofy expression which reveals her curious, spunky personality. If you would like to give Splash a loving home, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!


BREED: Pig      SEX: Female

Violet is a happy potbelly who loves attention! She was rescued from an unsafe environment with dogs who didn’t want to be her friend – but now she is living the good life with pig friends at the sanctuary.


BREED: Pygmy/Cashmere Goat      SEX: Female

Whoopi is a smaller, spunky pygmy/cashmere goat cross. She came to the sanctuary after she was found as a stray by a local police department. She has done well in a herd, particularly when she has other ruminants who enjoy her playful energy. She is relaxed and calm around people and will come right up to visitors for food (especially if they have saltines, her favorite treat!) She has become very good friends with some of our other goats, whose spunky energy matches her own. If you have room in your pasture and in your heart for this special girl, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!

Willy Wonka

BREED: Potbelly      SEX: Male

Willy Wonka hasn’t always had a life filled with candied rainbows – in fact, it’s been pretty hard up until now! He was abandoned by his owner and had neighbors threatening to eat him (gasp!). We couldn’t be happier to show Willy Wonka how magically a real home can be, but we need help – we need you to open your heart to him!

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