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Animal Cruelty Resources

Animal Cruelty Resources

You can fight animal cruelty in your own communities through education, compassion, and resources like the ones below. Please let these animal cruelty resources guide you in our joined efforts to end animal cruelty.

Tethering Alternatives - Dogs

Tethering a dog is both a common way and a dangerous way to keep a dog. Even with proper shelter, tethering can lead to behavioral issues and leave the dog in danger of being attacked by other animals.

Approaching neighbors or community leaders about the dangers of tethering requires both sensitivity and access to reasonable alternatives. This resource guide provides information, alternatives to tethering, Pasado's Safe Haven's contact information, and a place to write-in the number of your local shelter. Download this fold-able brochure and use it to educate yourself and your community to help reduce the number of tethered dogs.

Click here to download our Tethering Alternatives brochure.

Leaving Animals in Cars - All Pets

Help keep pets in your community safe with this flyer detailing the dangers of leaving any animal in a car during hot weather. Within minutes, a car's internal temperature can rise to lethal levels, leaving any animal left inside to die a horrific death. With education and awareness, you can help us reduce the amount of animal left in cars.

Click here to download our educational flyer.

Animals Left in the Cold

During cold weather, you may see a domestic/companion animal outside and wonder, “should I report this?” If you see an animal in distress, please call your local animal control or local police. Learn more about what you can do and what the law is here.

Shutting Down Donkey Basketball

As the public has become more aware of the cruelty of this, “sport,” it is our hope that Donkey Basketball is becoming a thing of the past and that people are finding other, less cruel ways to raise funds for their schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations. Unfortunately, Donkey Basketball has not been fully stamped out of existence and for this reason we want to provide the information needed to shut down these events if you see it in your community.

Learn more about this cruel sport and how you can stop it here.

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