Located on 85 acres in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains outside Seattle, Washington, Pasado’s Safe Haven is home to 200-250 animals at any given time, most of whom arrived as victims of cruelty or neglect.  They come to us from hoarding houses, law enforcement seizures, factory farms and slaughterhouse “dead piles” or because they were simply tossed aside as “unwanted”.

eddieWe make each animal who comes through our sanctury gates a promise, “Now you are safe.”  And until we find them families of their own, our sanctuary becomes their home.   Our farmed animals enjoy green pastures and fresh swimming ponds.  And we try to mimic home environments/routines as much as possible for our dog and cat residents.

Our dedicated Caregiver staff includes species leads who have experience and training working with their particular animal types.  These Caregivers know our animals better than anyone and are able to provide specialized care and enrichment based on each animal’s unique needs.

Animals receive veterinary care in Ruth’s Healing Barn, thanks to funding from a generous family foundation.  This facility allows us to provide medical care for our sanctuary residents and efficiently intake animals from larger rescues, providing the urgent vet care they need while they can be monitored in temporary living quarters.

Once rescued animals are given a clean bill of health, they join the rest of our sanctuary residents and start making new friends. That is always a happy day for everyone here at Pasado’s Safe Haven as we know it marks a turning point in the animal’s journey to complete healing.

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