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Cruelty Investigations Donate Button for CI web pageWe are helping improve the response to crimes against animals through investigations and rescues, and training programs.

Pasado’s Safe Haven has nearly 25 years’ experience investigating and responding to cases of animal cruelty. We are dedicated to getting justice for animals by investigating reports of animal abuse and neglect, collaborating with law enforcement on animal cruelty cases, and providing trainings for law enforcement, animal control and prosecutors.

INVESTIGATIONS:  We investigate/process over 500 cases of cruelty and neglect every year. Some cases involve individual animals and other, more complex cases involve large scale rescues/seizures. In all cases, we work hard to ensure perpetrators are prosecuted.
The types of investigations we do include:

  • Physical abuse or chronic neglect of animals
  • Animals denied necessary food, water, shelter or medical attention as required by law
  • Animal fighting
  • Animal hoarding
  • BestialityRescue

RESOURCES:  Pasado’s Safe Haven collaborates with law enforcement whenever possible. Our investigative, veterinary and
animal care teams can help provide:

  • Equipment and personnel to assist with animal rescue
  • Medical response, examinations or necropsies of victim animals
  • Transportation and sanctuary for animals taken into custody
  • Live and deceased evidence holding
  • Technical consultation

TRAININGS:  We conduct or facilitate trainings and workshops for law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and other members of the community working to improve the response to crimes against animals.  Some of our recent classes include:

  • How to Successfully investigate Animal Cruelty; Beginning to End
  • Avoiding the Use of Lethal Force on “Dangerous” Dogs
  • How the Private Sector can Support Law Enforcement
  • Successful Investigation and Prosecution of Equine Cruelty Cases

“THE BUCKY AWARD” FOR EXCELLENCE:  Bucky the dog was brutally killed in 2010. Thanks to the officers and prosecutors working on this case, the perpetrator was charged and served jail time. In memory of Bucky, Pasado’s Safe Haven offers this annual award to raise awareness for animal cruelty and to recognize the officers and prosecutors who do exceptional work on these difficult cases.

How it works

Two $2,500 awards are presented annually at the Washington State Crime Prevention Association (WSCPA) Law Enforcement Training Conference to the individuals who have executed the most successful animal cruelty investigation and prosecution for the year. Funds are raised by Pasado’s Safe Haven and its supporters. The award money is required to be put toward animal cruelty training.

Criteria and how to apply

  • All law enforcement, prosecutors and animal control departments are eligible in Washington StatHazmate. The Bucky Award is given to the “team” who worked the case. It is split between the lead officer and the prosecutor of a suc
    cessful case.
  • The case must have been successfully prosecuted and the individuals nominated (first responding officer, detective, animal control officer or prosecuting attorney) must have all contributed to a strong conviction for the abuser(s).
  • The individual can be recommended by a citizen, an officer or a prosecutor who is not involved in the case being submitted.
  • Submit this application form to begin the process.
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