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Pasado’s Safe Haven Volunteer Program

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Upcoming Orientations

Sep 6, 10am – 2pm

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Pasado’s Safe Haven! There are many ways you can help care for the residents of our sanctuary and support our mission of ending animal cruelty. Please explore the links below for information about how you can help.

Opportunities: As a Pasado’s volunteer, you will have the opportunity to help in a variety of ways – from providing direct animal care to assisting with events and outreach efforts. Please click here to learn more about our available volunteer opportunities.

Time commitment: We request a minimum commitment of three months. It is ideal for the rest of our team and the animals if you are able to set and keep a regular volunteer schedule. However, if this is not possible, we are happy to discuss accommodations, including those for students working to fulfill their community service project hours. Please email our Outreach Program Coordinator with any questions.

Process: After completing and submitting a Volunteer Application, you will be invited to attend a Volunteer Orientation, which includes a sanctuary tour and preliminary training. At the orientation’s end, you will receive a copy of our Volunteer Handbook and Volunteer Agreement. After reviewing the Volunteer Handbook in its entirety and then signing and submitting the Volunteer Agreement, you will receive a Pasado’s Volunteer t-shirt and be ready to start!


Pasado’s Safe Haven Advocacy Program


Pasado’s is looking for the following skills to help our sanctuary: Legal/legislative advocacy, construction, education, marketing, PR, web design, data analysis, animal training, sustainability, HR/benefits, insurance, emergency planning, geotech, and more!

Advocate PosterPasado’s Safe Haven’s Advocacy Program utilizes your unique skills to help a cause you believe in!

The details: Advocates sign up to help for 8 hours or more over a three-month period and may be called upon to answer questions, participate in brainstorming sessions, or come to the sanctuary to offer assistance. At the end of your service you will receive a special Advocate T-shirt!

To learn more about our Advocacy Program, send an email with a short summary of the skills you have and the kind of work you are interested in doing to LindaL@PasadoSafeHaven.org.

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