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In Memoriam: Losing Louise

Louise the pig was a beloved long time resident at Pasado’s sanctuary. Sadly, she passed away in March of 2013, but we will never forget this radiant, happy, sentient being…

June 14, 2013 2

An Easter For the Animals

Every spring, chicks, ducklings, and bunnies are sold as Easter presents – but animal advocates, including Pasado’s Safe Haven – hope that people will reconsider and make a humane choice during this holiday.

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Trip the turkey-ADOPTED!

Trip is available for adoption only to those seeking turkeys as companion animals. Didn’t think turkeys were companion animals? Obviously you have never hand fed a turkey a grape, or talked with one at the end of the day.

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Of Eggs and Ethics

Even with 2010’s largest United States egg recall in history, the FDA was unable to get companies to pull their contaminated products. Thousands of people were sickened and an estimated half a billion eggs are affected by the recall, which names 13 retail brands of eggs that were contaminated with salmonella. The recall illuminates the issues behind unethical farming and the connection between apathy for the animals, employees, the environment, and the public who consumes these eggs…

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Earth Day: Celebrating All Life

Amidst stories of factory farming horrors and “pink slime,” animal abuse and abandonment, Earth Day is a reminder of all we should respect and protect. This day was created to inspire an awareness and appreciation of Earth and all of its inhabitants, human and nonhuman alike…

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Wishbone the Turkey

Like most turkeys, Wishbone was destined to become someone’s Thanksgiving dinner. Wishbone is a sweet old man who is looking for a level yard where he can enjoy his days in the sun.

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Norman is a handsome, headstrong steer who is looking for a home of his own.

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