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What is Forced Molting?

What is “forced molting” and what can you do about it?

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Allie is a sociable cow who came to Pasado’s from a severe animal cruelty case.

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In Memoriam: Losing Louise

Louise the pig was a beloved long time resident at Pasado’s sanctuary. Sadly, she passed away in March of 2013, but we will never forget this radiant, happy, sentient being…

June 14, 2013 2

Update: Help Pasado’s Rescue Factory Farm Chickens

Update – Pasado’s Safe Haven will soon be participating in a large-scale chicken rescue. Thanks to your response, each of these girls will have a home when she arrives in Washington State!

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Update – Hope for Hens: Help Pasado’s Rescue Factory Farm Chickens

Pasado’s Safe Haven is participating in a large-scale hen rescue this weekend – and we need YOUR help to save lives. Can you offer a home to one of these sweet chickens?

April 4, 2013 8

Trip the turkey-ADOPTED!

Trip is available for adoption only to those seeking turkeys as companion animals. Didn’t think turkeys were companion animals? Obviously you have never hand fed a turkey a grape, or talked with one at the end of the day.

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Bessie is an older lady who is just looking for a wonderful retirement home. When we first met her, Bessie was considered to be a “spent milker.” This meant that the farmer who owned her thought that she wasn’t giving …

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Eddie was rescued from a severe cruelty case a few years ago. Eddie was rescued with his best pal Allie. They were the lucky ones. Theirs was a case that still haunts us, many animals died needlessly, and we are so glad that we could spare Eddie and Allie that sad ending.

November 22, 2011 1

Wishbone the Turkey

Like most turkeys, Wishbone was destined to become someone’s Thanksgiving dinner. Wishbone is a sweet old man who is looking for a level yard where he can enjoy his days in the sun.

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Baby is a beautiful black and white Holstein cow.  Baby was an unwanted male calf from the dairy industry. He was saved from slaughter and came to live at Pasado’s last year. This young guy was instantly taken under the …

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