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Steve is a vocal young cat with a sleek black coat and golden eyes.

May 29, 2012 1

Sweetie – ADOPTED!

Sweetie really lives up to her name! She is a 5-6 month old Corgi mix who loves to run and play!

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If you think a pot-bellied pig would fit in well with your menagerie…please consider Charlie!

May 22, 2012 1

Reverend Green-Adopted

The “Rev”, Reverend Green is a 1 year old Golden Lace Wyandotte Rooster with a one-of-a-kind crow! Reverend Green has proven himself to be very friendly, gentle and calm since he has been at the Sanctuary, just what we would expect from the clergy!

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George is a handsome Bronze Turkey who gets along well with other birds. He would love to find a home of his own!

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Magic is a gorgeous, black, muscular Quarter Horse who was rescued from euthanasia because his owner became deathly ill.

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Bernadette and Phillipe – Adopted!

This mated pair of Rouen Cross ducks will have to go to a home as a set. They cannot be separated. While the Rouen breed originated in France, we are pretty sure that this pair speak English!

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Daryll is a very handsome, adult, male, Blue Silkie Rooster who was found wandering the streets of Burien.

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I’m a very sweet handsome 7 year old male kitty seeking a loving human companion. I’m a very talkative and sociable guy, and I love everyone.

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Russell is a kind older gentleman who is looking for a retirement home.

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