Spay and Neuter

South King County Spay Station

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We are no longer accepting reservations for dogs on 9/27 in North Bend.  Please watch our calendar for additional dates in October for this location.

Pierce County Spay Station

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Pierce County Pet Food Bank


Snohomish County

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Northwest Spay & Neuter Center

Pasado’s Safe Haven believes strongly that spay and neuter efforts are an integral part of animal rescue efforts. We currently operate two mobile spay/neuter clinics that can travel to rural and economically depressed communities to provide free and low-cost spay and neuter surgeries to income-qualified companion animal guardians.

To date, tens of thousands of free and low-cost companion animal sterilizations have been performed aboard these mobile clinics, helping to lower the number of neglected and abandoned companion animals, as well as the number of companion animals entering shelters.

We also have an innovative pet food bank program that allows income-qualified guardians who have spayed/neutered their companion animals to receive pet food.

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