Report Animal Cruelty

Help the animals by knowing what to do!

Pasado’s has waged numerous prosecutions against animal abusers, winning major convictions.

If you witness an animal being abused or you suspect that abuse is going on, the most important action you can take is to report the cruelty to your local law enforcement agency.

If you witness animal cruelty in progress, call 911:

Animal cruelty is a crime. Your call to the police may save animals and people. People who commit crimes against animals are five times more likely to be involved in domestic violence, fighting and drugs. Always get an incident number as this will be very helpful in the future.

Documentation is essential:

Video and photography documentation are the best. Make sure your camera has a time and date stamp on each photo. Only attempt to take photos if you can safely obtain them without trespassing.
Illegal trespassing on private property will put your safety at risk, and the photos obtained usually cannot be used as evidence, since the act of obtaining the photos was against the law.

Record a written log:
Document everything you see or hear; conversations, phone calls, complaints, etc. Keep a written log of any incidents with the time and date clearly noted. Keep a record of each time you have contacted authorities asking them to respond. If you have had conversations with the potential abuser, keep notes of this too. If you feel that you or your family are in danger at anytime, call 911 and document everything.

Be clear, factual and unemotional:
If you can talk to neighbors or witnesses to the incident, have them document what they have seen also. Remember, the more detailed the better. Don’t embellish or include your emotion in what you see - be clear and factual. Document the time and date on all of your reports.

Do not attempt to deal with the crime yourself:
The authorities are there to help you, and the sooner they are involved, the better.

Pasado’s is here to help as well. Call our cruelty investigator if you need any help with reporting crimes to animal control or law enforcement.
360-793-9393 X 102

If you suspect a dog fight or cockfighting in your area:
Keep track of times and dates when you see a large number of people entering the building or a larger than usual number of cars parked out front, especially on nights and weekends.  Do not attempt to go into one of these events.  They are extremely dangerous.  If you know that there is a fight taking place, call 911 immediately and ask for a sheriff’s deputy to respond.

The information you provide may be the key to unlocking a case. Thanks for being a voice for the animals!

  • Susan Lynn

    Recent dog beating in Centralia, WA
    This lady did call the authorities and was told there was nothing they could do. Ugghhh

  • Nola

    These are some of the cut backs at work…. noone wants to pay for government workers or have their taxes raised… So, this is what happens. The poor and defenseless are the first ones to suffer.