Volunteering at Pasado’s Safe Haven

There are lots of volunteer opportunities at our sanctuary in Snohomish County, supporting everything from animal care to marketing and adoption events. We also have a Pet Food Bank and Spay/Neuter Program in Pierce County with open volunteer positions.  Apply to volunteer for one of the Pierce County programs here.

At our sanctuary, our animal care volunteers spend their time in Dog Towne, Kitty City, and on the farm doing a range of work from cleaning to socializing. The animals are up bright and early, so it’s best if volunteers get a head start to the day and help with all the chores around the sanctuary. This leaves the afternoon for enrichment and occasional special projects with the caregiving team.

Outside of working directly with the animals, there are a number of other ways to get involved with our organization.  You might help with a public tour, an adoption event, office work or pet food drives.  Depending on where your interests and time availability are, we will find a way for you to support the work we do on behalf of animals. 

Is volunteering at Pasado’s Safe Haven right for you?

Before you become a Pasado’s Safe Haven volunteer it’s helpful to ask yourself a few questions:  How much time are you going to commit? Do you have reliable transportation? Are you prepared to volunteer outdoors and get a little dirty?

Ideally, our volunteers will commit to at least one 3 hour shift per month. Every other week is even better, and every week would be above and beyond! Please consider your travel time before volunteering.  Pasado’s Sanctuary is located 15 minutes outside of Monroe, WA. 

A lot of the work our volunteers do can be dirty work, but it’s very needed and rewarding work. The animals need care rain or shine, indoors and outside, so a good pair of boots and a rain slicker will be a great start to keeping you dry and ready to volunteer.


All volunteers must complete an online application and background check before they are invited to attend a Volunteer Orientation.

Pasado’s Volunteers must be at least 12 years or older. Kids and students between the ages of 12 to 15 years must be accompanied by an adult. Volunteers who are 16 and 17 may volunteer alone with parent consent.

Apply to volunteer here.

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