About Pasado’s Safe Haven

Pasado’s sanctuary

Investigate. Advocate. Educate.

Pasado’s Safe Haven is one of the leading animal protection organizations in the United States dedicated to ending animal cruelty. Located on 85 pastoral and wooded acres outside of Seattle, Washington, the sanctuary is home to hundreds of animals including dogs, cats, and farm animals. Most arrived from abuse or neglect and now live out their lives in peace and safety.



Pasado’s Safe Haven is dedicated to ending animal cruelty. We rescue dogs, cats and farmed animals from abuse and neglect, advocate for better treatment of these animals by society and promote laws and personal choices that eliminate suffering for animals.


We work tirelessly on behalf of animals to:

  • Investigate and expose cases of animal cruelty, while serving as a resource to law enforcement and animal control
  • Provide sanctuary and rehabilitation to dogs, cats and farmed animals who have suffered from cruelty or neglect
  • Advocate for better laws to protect animals and promote enforcement of existing laws
  • Educate the public about animal cruelty and what they can do to help end animal suffering
  • Save lives through spay/neuter assistance

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Pasado’s Safe Haven is a non-profit charitable organization, incorporated in the State of Washington. We are a 501(c)3 charity, EIN #91-1843707.

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