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Rescuing Tinsel

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When she was only a few months old, Tinsel reportedly fell from a three-story balcony, injuring both of her front legs. But instead of getting her the medical attention she needed, her family planned to just get rid of her instead.

We can't imagine how Tinsel must have suffered...but we're so glad that we could give her the care that she desperately needed.

Tinsel is happy, healthy, and looking for her forever family!

Fortunately for Tinsel, a neighbor learned of these plans and decided to intervene.

The call came into Pasado’s Animal Cruelty hotline late on a Friday night and the caller was understandably frantic.

“The reporting party told me that the owners were planning on dumping Tinsel on a farm that day. She was very afraid that the owners wouldn’t allow her to take the scared little cat,”  explained Kim Koon, Pasado’s Director of Investigations and Rescue Operations.

When Pasado’s arrived on the scene, Tinsel was cowering motionless beneath a chair. Tinsel allowed us to pick her up, feel her legs, and place her gently in a crate.

We were told that Tinsel had sustained her injuries one to two months ago.

There wasn’t sufficient proof of animal cruelty, so Pasado’s was unable to build a case for presentation to law enforcement.Fortunately, the good Samaritan who called Pasado’s was able to get the owner to release the kitten, enabling Pasado’s to take custody of Tinsel.

We can assure Tinsel that she's now safe and she will never be disposable - her life will be valued and she will always have respect.

We can assure Tinsel that she’s now safe and she will never be disposable – her life will be valued and she will always have respect.

We can’t imagine how Tinsel must have suffered, but we’re so happy to provide this injured young kitten with the care that she desperately needed. Prior to coming to Pasado’s sanctuary, Tinsel had never seen a veterinarian. She’d never been vaccinated, tested, or spayed.

Tinsel has now been examined by our veterinarian and we are excited to find her the best forever home who will value and care for her forever!  We can assure her that she is now safe and she will never be disposable. Her life will be valued and she will always be loved.

Tinsel is healthy, happy, and ready to find a loving forever family.

Pasado’s is committed to fighting animal cruelty, but we can’t do this work without your support. Please consider making a donation today to help us continue to rescue those who need our help the most.

Please be as generous as you can. Lives do depend on it.

Thank you from all of the animals who have made it to Pasado’s sanctuary…- and from those who are still hoping to find their safe haven.

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  • Amberly Jones

    I already try to post what I thought. it doesn’t seem to meet our standards. I just care about the cat that’s all. Between the vet care that you provide her and the x-ray’s she is in the right hands. That is a lot of recovery time for this poor little cat. Thank you for stepping in for this cat. The medical charges should be more then enough to bring charges to this family for neglect. Again thank you for stepping in to take care of this cat.
    Amberly Jones