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Update: Reward Offered in Burning and Decapitation of Centralia, Washington Dog

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UPDATE: KOMO 4 News reported this terrible crime – now help us solve it!

A beloved family dog was brutally killed this month in Washington. Now Pasado’s Safe Haven offers a $4500 cash reward for any information leading to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of the person(s) responsible for his death.


Crom is a beloved family dog who was found burned and decapitated in Centralia, Washington

Several weeks ago, 1 ½ year old Crom – a doberman-labrador-pit bull mix – was reported missing by his guardians. The following day, firefighters responded to a brush fire on the railroad tracks, horrified to find Crom’s body engulfed in flames. Just blocks from his home, Crom’s body was wrapped in a sweater, his fur entirely burned and his head severed from his body.

“Something other than fire killed this dog,” stated Captain Tim Adolphsen who, in twenty-six years fighting fire, had never seen something so disturbing as killing an animal and setting it on fire. Centralia police are convinced a train did not run over Crom, whose head was found weeks later, still wearing his personalized collar.

“I was hysterical when I saw him. I fell down on the tracks and…sobbed,” Crom’s guardian lamented. “I was…worried when he went missing, but then to have to pick him up and bury him.” Crom’s guardians are unaware of anyone who might have attacked their cherished dog and hope for justice.

Police consider the killing an isolated incident, but are concerned for the safety of the upset community with few leads to pursue. In cooperation with the Centralia police department, Pasado’s Safe Haven urges individuals to consider the undeniable connection between human and animal violence, to act now to protect against further attacks and to help bring justice for Crom and his guardians.

Posting reward posterAnyone with information regarding this cowardly act is encouraged to call Pasado’s Cruelty Investigations line at 206-300-7218 or email All tips will remain anonymous.

Pasado’s Safe Haven is Washington’s leading animal protection organization dedicated to ending animal cruelty and suffering. Thanks to your support, Pasado’s can continue to investigate cruelty against animals, finding justice for innocent victims of abuse and neglect.

To help continue Pasado’s lifesaving work and make a generous gift, visit. To learn about other ways to get involved, visit.

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  • Mike Howard

    Just when I think people couldn’t be any more sick….

  • sassee

    that is so horrible and I hope and pray they give him up cause someone knows someone always know…people like this can not share the earth with decent folks

  • Jean Ogorzaly

    We have to speak up for animals because they can’t!

  • Tracy Kim

    Was the dog stolen from his yard?… How did the perpetrator get him? These sadistic humans need to be dispatched.

    • tracy

      Hi Tracy –

      Crom escaped from his house and his owners never saw him again. A very, very sad story.

    • tracy

      Hi Tracy –

      Crom escaped from his house and his owners never saw him again. Very, very sad.

  • Margaret

    I hope the person/persons who did this, suffer as much as this beloved pet did. They are the curse of the earth.

  • Animal fan

    Catch and kill the

  • Melissa Chambers

    Some people deserve to rot in a jail cell for the rest of their lives! I hope they find this asshole!