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Partnering to Make a Difference

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At the end of May, a local police department asked if Pasado’s Safe Haven could assist with the rescue of four neglected horses on a Pierce County, Washington property.

Arrow when Pasado’s first rescued him: he was a “1″ on a body score scale of 1-9.

Pasado’s was grateful for the invitation and worked to secure placement for Arrow, Nora, Maddy, and Lucky.

Arrow and Maddy were signed over to Pasado’s; Nora was taken in by a wonderful equine rescue, Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE); and Lucky returned to a previous guardian.

At the time of their rescue, all four horses showed signs of neglect, but Arrow was in the worst physical condition and required immediate veterinary intervention. Arrow presented with a body score of 1 on a scale of 1-9, where 1 represents severe emaciation (and 5 is considered to be an ideal score). Blood work revealed that his liver was not functioning properly (most likely as a result of the starvation he had endured). Although in better condition than Arrow, Maddy was also in need of veterinary care, presenting with a body condition score of 3 and various dental care issues. Arrow and Maddy were both taken to Cedarbrook Veterinary Hospital, where they received excellent veterinary care and undertook the long process of rehabilitation.

Emaciated horses like Arrow typically need a long time to recover

Arrow is a sweet, brown-and-white paint gelding, standing 15.1 hands tall and between his mid-teens and early twenties in age. Rodeo City Equine Rescue (RCER) in Ellensburg, Washington recently took in this sweet boy. Pasado’s is so grateful to RCER for its support and partnership and we are so excited for Arrow!

Maddy is much healthier now and she is currently in foster

Maddy is a beautiful, dark bay mare with a small white star on her face. Standing 15.2 hands tall and approximately 25-years-old, she is a registered appendix Quarter Horse with a quiet and easy-to-handle demeanor. Maddy is also wonderful with children and does well when pastured with other horses.

Emaciated horses like Arrow typically need a long time to recover; they have to be carefully and slowly reintroduced to food (because the intake of too much food at one time can lead to organ failure). They then need time to allow their bodies to reach a healthy weight and rebuild muscle mass. For this and other reasons, properly caring for emaciated horses can be expensive – but we at Pasado’s know that these horses are well worth the expense.

Pasado’s would like to extend the sincerest of thanks to the police who reached out to us, SAFE, RCER, and Cedarbrook Veterinary Care for working with us to change the world for these four victims of neglect. We look forward to partnering again in the future.

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