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Reward Offered in Granite Falls Dog Shooting Case

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A Pomeranian was callously shot in Granite Falls, Washington – and Pasado’s needs YOUR help to find who shot him.

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Bear is a sweet and beloved family member who recently sustained grave injuries when he was shot in a drive-by shooting.

Now this little Pomeranian is facing a dangerous injury - and we need your help to find his abuser to ensure that there is justice in this case.

Pasado’s Safe Haven is issuing a warning to the community of Granite Falls to keep their children and pets safe following Bear’s injury sustained in the drive-by shooting yesterday on Belmark Avenue in Granite Falls, Washington.

An eyewitness reported seeing an economy car pull up, roll down the window, and fire a pellet gun at Bear. The family, including five children, heard him yelping and ran outside – but the car was already gone.

“He is one of our kids, when my husband called and told me that he had been shot, I rushed home, this was like hearing one of my kids had been shot!” said Angelica, Bear’s owner.

The family says they are devastated that this has happened. They are scared to let their children outside to play.

Pasado’s is aiding in Bear’s recovery.  He is currently at the Pasado’s clinic. Pasado’s has also been in contact with the Granite Falls police and they are already investigating this terrible case: They are pursuing Animal Cruelty in the First Degree.

Pasado’s is offering a $1000 Reward for information leading to the arrest, conviction and prosecution of the person or persons who committed this crime. All tips should be reported to 206.300.7218. They will remain anonymous.

It appears that Bear may have spinal damage from the shooting, which appears to be from a BB gun.

If the pellet moves, it could still potentially paralyze him.

An examination from Pasado’s veterinarian determined that the BB is lodged next to Bear’s spine.

It appears that Bear may have spinal damage from the shooting, which appears to be from a BB gun 

Cruelty to Animals often Progresses to Violence Towards Humans…

FACT:  A person who commits animal cruelty or neglect is FIVE times** more likely to commit family violence than a person who does not injure animals. Therefore, animal cruelty MUST be investigated by law enforcement due to expertise; it’s the law, and there is this high-risk link.

**Volant, Johnson, Gullone, & Coleman, 2008

Even though this is a BB gun shooting, it is still a crime and one to be taken seriously.

“If the person or people who did this are not held responsible, the crimes may escalate,” said Kim Koon, Pasado’s Animal Cruelty Investigator.

She added: “These people are a danger to society. Animals are innocent and for someone to target them demonstrates a sick desire to harm a voiceless victim. It is crucial that the community is aware of crimes like this. This beloved family pet was lucky, but the people who did this MUST be held responsible – they are a danger to the entire community, including humans and animals.”

Bear and his family – we need YOUR help to find who shot this beloved family dog!

A person is guilty of animal cruelty in the first degree when causing substantial and unjustifiable physical pain that extends for a period sufficient to cause considerable suffering. (RCW 16.52.205 (2)(a).

If convicted, this crime is punishable by up to a $10,000 fine and/or up to 5 years in jail. 

Pasado’s is happy to provide any resources or support to the Granite Falls Police Department. Police Chief Taylor works very hard to fight animal cruelty in Granite Falls: He meets with the Granite Falls youth on a regular basis to offer guidance to them –  including the importance of treating animals with kindness. Chief Taylor also won the Bucky Award in 2011 for his leadership on a terrible animal hoarding case which demonstrated his diligence to help end animal cruelty.

Pasado’s is committed to being at the forefront of animal cruelty investigations and animal rescue, saving those who need our help the most and pursuing prosecution against those who have abused and neglected innocent victims.

Because of you, we are able to continue our fight against animal cruelty. Can you help support us in our mission to be a voice – and a force – for the animals? Please consider making a donation to help us help other animals like Bear and to help end animal cruelty.

Thanks to the support of readers like you, we can continue to be a voice for those who need our help the most. We will continue to provide updates to this case as they occur.

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  • Elizabeth

    This seems common for our neighborhood. Our dog was also shot with a BB around the same time. Thankfully it was in the “meaty” part of her left hip and she’s just fine.

  • Nancy

    So glad you could help. Please get Bear to a reputable chiropractic/acupuncture vet. alternative therapy can help him. I have seen it myself.