January 7, 2013 1


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Trooper is about as cute as a puppy can be! This darling, happy, playful little guy is looking for a forever family…

1/31/2013 – Trooper has found his forever home!

A puppy named Trooper is another one of our recent cases. Our Cruelty Investigator found him sick and dying on a pile of trash. His little body had been overtaken with the deadly parvo virus. There was no medical care for him but after receiving two weeks of 24-hour care at Pasado’s Safe Haven, Trooper is a healthy, adorable little guy with all of the spunk and charm that you could ever ask for! We worked round the clock to save him because his life matters and we know that you agree.

Trooper is now available for adoption! He is also a reminder of why it is so important to consider adopting an animal instead of buying one. There are so many deserving souls like Trooper who need loving homes.


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  • Pasado volunteer

    I met Trooper after meeting his prospective adoptive mamma and he is just adorable and seems to have a beautiful spirit. So happy he has a home and hope he is very well loved by his new family !