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Holiday Wishes Come True for Local Pets!

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Home for the Howlidays Recap

We wanted to give you  a quick recap in photos of our Home for the Howlidays deliveries from our Snohomish route last week.

It was a snowy December day, but there were needy pets depending on us. So, we bundled up and started out at 7am to deliver food, treats, toys and flea treatment to pets that needed it the most.

Amongst our deliveries, we saw some friends we have seen year after year and made many new friends along the way as well.

A Pasado’s staff member had this to say – “We met a lot of grateful people and pets.  It was a fabulous day!!  This has always been my very, very favorite day of the year at Pasado’s Safe Haven!  I always feel so grateful that I get to do this job!  I just wanted to share with everyone the happy news…. We all work very hard and often see sad things…. It is nice to simply “sit” in the happy stories sometimes.”

Since 2004, Pasado’s Safe Haven has ensured that pets who have so very little will not have to go without once again during the holidays. While many people see the holidays as a cause for celebration, for those who are already struggling, it magnifies their plight. But thanks to Home

These little sweeties were nervous but excited to see what goodies Pasado’s had for them!

for the HOWLidays, dogs and cats who live in the rain, wind, and cold will be warm and cozy this holiday season. These pets have had very little in their lives, yet their owners love them and give them everything that they can. Sometimes, these pets are all that they have. And giving to those who need our help the most is the best gift that one can give.

Houdini, the big guy, and Jack, the little guy in the back, received food, treats and toys!

“We had one lady who thought we was soliciting her for donations….she was elderly and very sad and said, ‘O, honey, I am so sorry I can’t , I have no money’…I told her that I wanted to give her things for her pets for free for Christmas….. she then in a broken crying voice said ‘Ohhh, Dear!!  THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!’ She was soo grateful!” the Pasado’s staff member continued.

Jack was a timid little guy but he was clearly excited to get his food, treats and toys!

Her beloved dogs, Houdini and Jack received food, treats and toys.  Little Jack was afraid to come and meet us but he gladly carried off a toy that was twice his size! The lady told us that Houdini has been diagnosed  with a fatal form of cancer.  While this was heartbreaking to hear, it was incredible to witness their bond and her love for her dear friend.  We hope that we helped, in even the smallest way, to bring some unexpected happiness to their lives.

Nimrod and his favorite human.

Meeting these people and their beloved pets also gives us the opportunity to make a list of  animals who are in need of our FREE spay and neuter services.  So, we kept a list of names and contact info so we can visit them again after the holidays to provide them with more help that would just simply not be possible.

Just look at TJ’s smile! He clung to the gate and eagerly watched us approach with his food and toys.

We owe YOU a big THANK YOU because we could not do this kind of work without YOUR support.  Magical days like this of day of giving just could not happen without your help.  Thank you for making this possible!

Again from a Pasado’s staff

TJ watching in anticipation for his holiday wishes to come true!

member who attended Home for the Howlidays, ”I hope everyone has a very wonderful holiday, a Merry Christmas and a time to enjoy whatever fills your heart and feeds your soul.  Thank you for all the work you do for the innocent, unconditionally loving, AMAZING animals!”

Thank you for your past and continued support.  You are making a BIG difference for animals in need!


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