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Jake’s Gotta Go…

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UPDATE – 2/6/2013 – Jake has found his forever home!

Jake’s Gotta Go…Or, at least that’s what Jake’s owner said.

The dog who he claimed had been his “best friend for many years” had become a burden when he needed help the very most.

Jake with Pasado’s staff member, Tiffany. He is quickly healing and receiving lots of TLC.

To say that Jake was suffering from a severe skin condition is an understatement.

Most of the hair was gone from his front legs, belly, and backside. His skin was red, cracked, and bleeding in numerous places.

“His skin was so infected that it must have felt like it was on fire – like a burning, tingly heat,” said Pasado’s Cruelty Investigator.  He was also having an issue with his back legs and having a hard time walking.

And when he had an accident in the house, he was sent to live outside.

“How was his owner willing to deny his ‘best friend’ heat and comfort when his body was failing him?” asked Pasado’s Cruelty Investigator.  You see, Pasado’s had visited this house in January and offered treatment. We had given the owner access to free vet services for Jake.  But then, we received a call again from the neighbor last week who said that Jake was worse than ever.  He was crying and whimpering all day long and scratching himself uncontrollably.  Jake had continued to suffer and had not received any care.

“Oh, but I love my dog!” said the owner when we asked him to sign Jake over to us.  “He has lived a long life and his time is up, ” the owner said. Jake’s gotta go. Despite our previous offer of options of care for Jake, he had taken no action to help him. Was it really just more convenient to not have to help Jake?

We saw the strong spirit behind Jake’s suffering. We knew that he deserved a trip to the vet to determine if he had more time to live a happy life.

In this case, it was the concerned neighbor who spoke up for Jake and helped end his suffering.  This person had hope and determination that there could be a better life for Jake – and they spoke up for him – because it’s the right thing to do!

And we agreed.  Jake’s gotta go…get treatment!

In the short time that Jake has been at our sanctuary, we have seen drastic improvements in his health.

Jake upon arrival at the Pasado’s sanctuary.

“Jake’s skin was so bad when he arrived that you could not even pet him. It hurt. It itched. He had pain on top of irritation. But now, the redness is gone and his scabs are clearing up!” said Pasado’s Vet Tech, Karry.

He is also receiving pain medication for what is believed to be arthritis in his spine. We will continue to monitor his condition while of course and shower this sweetheart with love during every moment that he’s with us.

After witnessing Jake’s quick improvement, there’s no doubt:
It was not Jake’s time to go. And he did not have to suffer.

With your help, we can continue to help animals like Jake.

Here’s how YOU can help:

  • Be the voice and speak up for animals who are suffering like Jake was. Report animal cruelty!
  • Click HERE to make a donation today so we can continue to make sure that all animals are treated with respect and compassion. We do not receive any government funding and depend on you to help us continue our life-saving work.
  • Share Jake’s story with your friends so we can help find him a loving home.

On behalf of Jake and all of our other rescued animals – THANK YOU for your continued support!

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