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Foxhounds from Hoarding Case

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UPDATED Top Story news coverage KOMOnews here.

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The 16 Foxhounds from the hoarding case now in Pasado’s Safe Haven’s care are resting peacefully at the sanctuary.  They have warm, clean blankets which they really seem to be enjoying!

Please stay tuned for more info about their availability.

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UPDATE – Several of the puppies that were rescued have died.  When they were found by the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department, the puppies were covered in their own feces as they had been wading through inches of it. Sadly, but not surprisingly, all the puppies tested positive for parvo.  Several of the adult dogs in Pasado’s care have tested positive for giardia.

Now is the time to use your voice to speak up for these dogs who cannot speak for themselves.  Please fill out this simple form asking the Prosecutor to charge their owner with Animal Cruelty.  We fear that if she is not charged, the dogs may be returned to her where they may suffer further neglect.  Animal Cruelty is a crime and needs to be taken seriously.

Please take a minute to send us your polite and professional comments which we will deliver to the Lewis County Prosecutor.

Foxhounds, living in urine and feces

Please leave your polite and professional comments asking the Prosecutor to charge Nancy Punches with animal cruelty for the neglect of her 65 dogs (which were primarily Foxhounds).
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