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Low Cost Spay/Neuter Options in Snohomish County

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NOTE: Pasado’s Safe Haven is not affiliated with these references, but understands the need in and arount our own county for good low-cost spay and neuter options. Please make your own informed decisions on where to take your pet for surgery.

Call first for details and instructions and to ensure that the organization offers the service that you need.

N.O.A.H. | Stanwood, WA | 360-629-7055
Purrfect Pals (for ferals) | Arlington, WA | 360-652-9611
Animal Surgical  & Vaccination Clinic | Everett, WA | 425-252-9300
Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project | Lynnwood, WA | 425-673-CATS
Lynnwood Spay and Neuter Clinic | Lynnwood, WA | 425-787-5300
PAWS | Lynnwood, WA | 425-787-2500
Cedardale Neuter & Vaccination Clinic | Mount Vernon, WA | 360-424-5676
Companion Pet Clinic | Snohomish | 360-668-4810
Pet Neuter & Vaccination Clinic | Stanwood, WA | 360-629-8387
Homeward Pet | Woodinville, WA | 425-488-4444 x.410 (this is not Snohomish County, but is very close, so we have included it here).

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